5 dead, 1,026 new contaminations and 83 people hospitalized

In Suriname, the corona figures also increased sharply on Friday, January 14. In the past 24 hours, 5 corona deaths and 1,026 new infections have been recorded. There are also now 83 people in hospitals and 8 in intensive care. This is apparent from the updated figures on the Surinamese government’s official COVID-19 website on Friday evening.

Based on current statistics, it can be concluded that the fifth wave of Covid-19 in Suriname – with omicron as the dominant variant – already exceeds the fourth wave. It is expected that, given the daily tests, a record number of samples will be reached by the end of this month.

According to Health Minister Amar Ramadhin, Suriname is already halfway through January 2022 of the record number of tests since September 2021, during the third wave. The minister discussed the current Covid-19 situation in parliament on Thursday.

It says 15,700 tests have already been carried out before January, a percentage of 46.7. Minister Ramadhin: “The fourth wave was head and shoulders above the previous one and now it is the fifth wave above the fourth.” Until yesterday, there were already more than 9,000 positive cases for the fifth wave. However, the number of deaths is not as alarming as in previous waves.

Since the first case on March 12, 2020, more than 60,000 people have tested positive in Suriname until January 11, 2022. Minister Ramadhin said Suriname emerged from the fourth wave in November 2021. The appeasement that it did not last long since a new rise started at the end of December. The reproduction number at the start of the fifth wave was even 9.9, but it has now fallen to 1.4. During the third and fourth wave, there were many admissions to hospital intensive care units and most deaths were also recorded. These numbers are now at a more acceptable level.

Delta has long been the only variant in Suriname, according to Minister Ramadhin. The last batch sent to the Netherlands for research – this was material from the last week of December – finally demonstrated the presence of omicron in Suriname. Omicron seems to be the most dominant variant so far. The minister says vaccination figures are updated daily and the Outbreak Management Team (OMT) advises the government based on the statistics. He also notes that there are plenty of vaccines in stock, but there is still a lot of work to be done when it comes to vaccine preparation.

In Suriname, most people are vaccinated with AstraZeneca, followed by Pfizer, Sinophram and Moderna. Moderna is no longer in stock. There are still more than 57,500 doses left at Sinopharm whose stock will expire in May 2023. Stocks of more than 17,600 doses from AstraZeneca and more than 7,600 doses from Pfizer will expire in February this year. In Suriname, the Pfizer vaccine has recently been fully released to society due to its influx and expiration dates. Moreover, according to Minister Ramadhin, there is enough protective equipment in stock for six months.

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