50.7 degrees is a new temperature record

EA remote Australian town has nearly set a new record for the hottest day in the country’s history, hitting 50.7 degrees Celsius. The Western Australian State Meteorological Service announced on Twitter on Thursday that the temperature in the coastal town of Onslow had reached a new regional record in the afternoon and was at the level of the previous national record.

According to the authority’s website, a temperature of 50.7 degrees was last measured on January 2, 1960 at Oodnadatta Airport in South Australia. The temperature reading is expected to be officially confirmed on Friday afternoon after quality checks are complete.

“Top Ten” Hottest Years

Research director at the Climate Council of Australia, Martin Rice, said the record heat was “part of a long-term warming trend driven by the burning of coal, oil and gas”. Rice said extreme temperatures were already having “deadly catastrophic results” in Australia. “Heat waves are the silent killer in Australia, causing more deaths than any other extreme weather event.” Rice warned that without a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, such high temperatures could become commonplace in Australia.

Meanwhile, the US climate agency NOAA reported on Thursday that the nine years between 2013 and 2021 were all among the ten warmest on record. According to this, last year the average temperature over the entire surface of the earth was 0.84 degrees Celsius above the average for the 20th century, making it the sixth hottest year in the whole of the world. record, which dates back to 1880. South America is also currently suffering from a heat wave.

NOAA climatologist Russel Vose also attributed the warming trend to rising greenhouse gases. According to him, it is “99%” likely that 2022 will also be in the “top ten” of the hottest years – unless there is an unforeseen event such as a large volcanic eruption or a big comet. that hits the ground.


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