Africa Cup of Nations: Jani Sikazwe was suffering from ‘heatstroke and severe dehydration’.

Revealed: Africa Cup of Nations player Jane Sikazoe suffered ‘heatstroke and severe dehydration’ and was taken to hospital after bursting twice full-time early during the chaotic Tunisia-Mali match.

  • Referee Jani Sikazwe exploded for a full time in the 85th minute and again after 89 minutes and 43 seconds during the Africa Cup of Nations match against Mali.
  • Tunisia, who were 1-0 down, refused to come back when asked 35 minutes later when they took ice baths
  • A lot of extra time was expected after the penalties, the VAR checks and the water break
  • The head of the African Nations Cup referees reveals that Sikazwe was taken to hospital with heat stroke

The referee of the match was amid the comic scenes at the end of the African Nations Cup match between Tunisia and Mali on Wednesday, suffering from heat stroke and severe dehydration, and he was taken to the hospital after the match, according to the administrative official. in the African Nations Cup.

Tunisia appealed for a replay of their Group F opener after Zambian referee Jani Sikazwe blew the final whistle after just 85 minutes and then again 17 seconds before the 90 minutes were up despite spectators expecting a long period of stoppage time in an eventful match. Which ended with Mali winning 1-0.

About 35 minutes after the match was prematurely interrupted, African Nations Cup officials asked the two teams to return, but Tunisia refused because they were already recovering in the ice baths, manager Mondher Kbeirer revealed.

Tunisia coach Mondher Kbeirer protested against referee Jani Scazoe after he bombed him early

Now, Africa Cup of Nations chief Issam Abdel-Fattah has defended the performance of Sikazwe – who officiated the 2018 World Cup – by insisting he was suffering from the effects of the 34-degree temperature and 65 per cent humidity in Limbe, Cameroon.

Abdel-Fattah told “Al-Lib” channel, “MBC Egypt”, that “the referee suffered from heat stroke and severe dehydration, which led to him losing concentration and taking him to the hospital.”

It caused a loss of time in the 80th minute, and ended the match in the 85th minute. He returned after directions from the assistive device and then returned to finish the match in the 89th minute.

When the crisis occurred and the interceptions lost control of the match, it was the fourth official who would complete the match. [instead of Sikazwe]But one of the two parties refused.

Security officials were forced to escort Sikazwi out of the stadium after angering Tunisia

Security officials were forced to escort Sikazwi out of the stadium after angering Tunisia

Two second-half penalties were awarded, and two other incidents that required Sikazwe to screen the pitch, as well as a water break and five substitutions, so both teams could reasonably expect at least six minutes of overtime to play.

Kibayer was understandably angry in his post-match press conference: “In the 85th minute he blew the final whistle. Again in the 89th minute. There should have been 7-8 minutes of extra time. His decision is inexplicable.

“The players were taking ice baths for 35 minutes before they were called up again,” he added. “I’ve been training for a long time and have never seen anything like it. Until the fourth official was preparing to raise the board and then the whistle blew.


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