Another hearing scheduled – can be followed live

New turn in the Djokovic case: the court which ruled in favor of the tennis professional has scheduled a new hearing. It is possible that the visa withdrawal will be cashed. Follow the developments live.

Novak Djokovic’s visa has again been revoked by Australian authorities. At 8:45 p.m. local time (10:45 a.m. CET), however, a hearing in Melbourne court was scheduled at short notice. Australia’s Federal Circuit and Family Court announced it on Twitter.

If the Serbian tennis star does not succeed with an objection, he will have to leave the country and be unable to defend his title at the Australian Open, which begins on Monday. Djokovic is also threatened with a three-year ban on entry to Australia.

You can follow the hearing live here.

11:42 am: Government Representative Stephen Lloyd has now confirmed that Djokovic will not be deported today. But he is due to report to authorities at 8 a.m. local time tomorrow morning.

11:42 am: Djokovic’s lawyer points out that there is no “rational basis” for his client to pose a risk to public health.

11:34 am: The Djokovic side also speaks of a clear case law error regarding Minister Hawke’s decision.

11:27 am: Djokovic’s lawyer is also requesting a hearing for Sunday instead of Monday.

11:26 am: Additionally, Wood demands that Djokovic be able to stay in his current accommodation until after an interview with border control tomorrow.

11:24 am: Djokovic’s lawyer Nick Wood also alleges that he heard from the government that his client is not being deported today.

11:14 am: There are many possibilities to proceed legally – including an affidavit from Djokovic and also Minister Hawke with all the evidence discussed.

11:16 am: Judge Kelly asks Djokovic’s lawyer if the tennis star has ever been arrested by authorities. Djokovic’s team says no.

11:09 am: Novak Djokovic wants to appeal against the new cancellation of his visa for Australia. His lawyer, Nick Wood, wants to file a written request by 10:15 p.m. local time. He insists on the need to act as quickly as possible, as the tournament begins on Monday.

11:05 am: The Djokovic side would like to transfer the case to another court.

10:45 am: Kelly was already involved in the case and ruled in favor of Djokovic on Monday due to a formal error by authorities after the 34-year-old was initially denied entry to Melbourne.

10:40 am: The hearing has lasted for about ten minutes. Judge Kelly of Australia’s Federal Circuit and Family Court explains the facts verbatim. So far, these are legal details.


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