Antonio Conte responds to allegations that he will leave Tottenham next month

Reports this week indicated that Antonio Conte will be exiting Tottenham after less than three months on his 18-month contract, and the Italian has only revealed that he will live in the present.

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Antonio Conte reviews Tottenham’s defeat against Chelsea

Antonio Conte has warned Tottenham that he must match his ambition for success.

Spurs boss Conte has refused to give firm assurances about his long-term future, but has made it clear that he wants the support to challenge for major titles.

It is impossible to imagine that Conte, the sure winner at every club he manages, would have taken on Spurs without a promise of reinforcements.

But even so, less than three months into his 18-month contract, the roar of resentment is palpable over Conte’s reputation as not just a fighter but his resume shows he’d never settle for second place.

Antonio Conte is said to be considering an exit from Tottenham


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When asked if he could reassure supporters about his future, Conte said: “Frankly, I like to live in the present and not think too much about the future. Now it is important to live in the present, and to try in the present to improve the situation and bring out the best players.”

“To work on improving the situation because the present is now, and the future is later. Later it might be too late for us. We have to focus on the present and work on the situation now. Then I’ll see.”

“Now we have to focus on the present and we have to work a lot to try and keep Tottenham in the right place.”

Pressed for being reluctant to give assurances, he added: “As you know, I signed a contract for the end of the season and another year.

Antonio Conte arrived at Tottenham only in November

“But I repeat, I am enjoying my time at Tottenham and I have a good relationship with the people at Tottenham, with our president, with our general manager. I want to work and improve this team. We have to focus on the present to try to improve the situation.”

If this is less than completely convincing, Conte has made it clear that his desire to succeed has not waned. This is the manager who led Chelsea to the Premier League title followed by the FA Cup and then was fired from his post, but he also awarded the Serie A title to Inter Milan.

When Tottenham acquired Conte, they executed a massive coup, but there is no way the Italians saw anything other than a chance to win titles – and expect market support to turn the team into winners.

Conte said: “I never lose sight of my ambition and that has to be very clear. I like to fight for something important. I like to fight and be competitive.

“I know very well that there is only one team that can lift titles at the end of the season, especially in England where the level is very difficult and every team is very strong. I definitely do not want to lose my class.

“I don’t want to lose my will and desire. Otherwise, I will oppose myself. I must be the same person at every moment and I want to keep this quality.”

“I’m only here for two months. I think we have to go do the right things. I know it’s not easy because to improve the situation there is only the January transfer market.”

Even Conte seemed oddly calm in the Carabao Cup semi-final defeat to Chelsea on Wednesday night as Spurs saw an opportunity to end their 14-year wait and have the trophy gone again.

But Conte, known for his theatrical plays and being irritable, made an analogy to leadership as he insisted his determination is as strong as ever.

Tottenham were eliminated from the Carabao Cup in the semi-finals



“You have to ask the referee or the fourth official if you are calm against Chelsea!” He laughed. You will be surprised by this question. Certainly, while I’m running, I have to try to figure out when to keep my players cool. This is a strategy.

“I can drive but sometimes the driver can stay seated and calm. It’s part of the process of giving the players more responsibility. If I wanted to force myself to play the game in another way, it would be very difficult.

“But sometimes I have to sit back and let my players make the best decision and face the game during the difficulties. It is part of the process of improving their responsibility during the game. Certainly, I am very strong and I will be very strong at the end of the season.”

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