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Sloot did not name the latter, a 20-year-old midfielder who is seen as a great promise in his country. But he already knew on Friday afternoon that Sweden’s youth international Walmarck was coming. After announcing Van Bassett’s arrival, the coach said with a smile: “With a prospect approaching certainty, several reinforcements are coming in.”

Feyenoord continues to choose and Slot plays an important role in that. Having already made use of his network in the summer to bring in men like Gernot Trauner and Fredrik Aursnes, he has now decided that a number of players can be better hired because they cannot meet the level required.

Then, especially in a time of Corona with all the risks of infection and poor choices, there is a need to further complete the team. Bassett and Wally Mark are two players who came through scouting, but they clearly fit into Slot’s picture. They have speed (and mark) and dynamism (a Bassett is what is called a square-to-square player).

Three million euros plus bonuses

Walemark has to pay a sum of more than 3 million euros which, with bonuses or resale, could generate another 1.5 million euros in the future for Swedish club BK Häcken, where he now plays football. At De Kuip, he will sign a contract until the summer of 2026.

Sloot explains that in the first half of the season he was very satisfied with the material he worked with. The fact that he has already hired four players has to do with the bad perspective he can give these players. “A player can be on the bench for six months, but then another six months is more difficult. At the moment we have a few injuries, but in the second half of the season you are often suspended, and now that we are also dealing with Corona, you know That tomorrow could be different when it comes to everyone’s availability. That’s why we’re looking at several reinforcements.”

Cole Bassett cheer after goal for America.

Cole Bassett cheer after goal for America.

Slot is glad he didn’t go to a training camp with Feyenoord. The planned week in Spain was canceled because he did not want to risk leaving part of his choice behind with the omicron. He has seen things go wrong with rivals Ajax and Vitesse. The opening: “You can’t banish the virus yourself after all. I didn’t go on vacation during the winter break and it also entered our family.” It is above all a matter of keeping the chances of contracting corona as low as possible.

“At the club, we do our best to spend as little time inside the building with each other. We are outdoors as much as possible. When we have a meeting, like this Friday, we do it in two groups. We no longer have breakfast and lunch in the club.” The coach also has a hint of politics. “I hope The Hague is listening. There are no injuries outdoors…” This indicates the public’s much-anticipated return to the stadiums.

Choose Share No Booster

There is still a problem with Slot and Feyenoord. Not every player is ready to get a booster at this point. “The desire to take the first two vaccines was greater. Not everyone is boosted at this point. It remains an individual choice.”

He’d rather see all of his players get a booster potion. For the simple reason that the KNVB states that you do not need to be tested if you have no complaints and if the test results are positive, someone should be isolated for another five days, even without symptoms. “After the holiday period, everyone was testing every day. Our players were scattered all over the world. Then when they come back, you don’t want them to infect each other.”

Team Vitesse Saab

In their first home game after the winter break, Saturday night in De Kuip, Slot can count on just about everyone else. Only Luis Sinistera is still missing due to the injury he sustained in December. Reiss Nelson, who has been contracted from Arsenal, will replace Sinistera on the winger. Slot finds the Arnhem team a tough opponent. Feyenoord has not won in the last three games and Witesse did not finish above Rotterdam in the Eredivisie last season for some reason. “It also tells us enough about Vitesse’s qualities that it is winter in Europe. It was partly because the Spurs match was not being played anymore, but Vitesse is over.”

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