Bielsa hails Leeds United’s imminent decision to join Ravenha ‘great decision’

Marcelo Bielsa described Rafinha as Leeds United’s “best player in all respects” and praised the news that new contracts were looming for the Brazilian and another more important player.

Amidst a campaign of uncertainty, Brazilian Ravenha continued to shine brightest as those around him stumbled. The 25-year-old remains Leeds’ strongest attacking threat, though his 18-month brilliance at Elland Road began making the rumor mill spin.

Ravenha has been the subject of speculation linking him to Bayern Munich over Christmas. He has also been linked regularly with Liverpool and Paris Saint-Germain. But fortunately for Leeds fans, woman I reported last week that Raphinha will not be sold this month.

instead of, Plans are in full swing to extend the contract It would protect Leeds’ position in the market.

Now, speaking at his press conference on Friday (Via Leeds Live), Bielsa welcomed the news with open arms. By doing so, the Argentine also explained why Rafinha is the club’s “best player” in every respect.

“I think it’s a great decision,” said Leeds’ Bielsa’s plan to offer a contract extension. “Ravinha is the best player in the team in every respect – physically he is the best, technically he is at the level of the best and the interpretation he has of the game is very good and very wise.

“[He is] Within the strong nation of Brazil group. He shines in the English Premier League and gets the attention of all the top clubs in the world.

“All these things are something you know just as well as me. Nothing I say is new. As a result, the club’s decision can only be evaluated.”

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Bielsa honors Adam Forshaw

Another important player who could write new terms soon is Adam Furshaw. The midfielder has exceeded all expectations this season after overcoming a nearly two-year injury with a chronic groin problem.

Forshaw has taken charge in the engine room since Calvin Phillips sustained a hamstring injury. And like Ravenha, The 30-year-old is also ready for a new deal.

Bielsa paid tribute from the heart to Forshaw for the tireless work he has put into his fitness. Furthermore, he claimed that Leeds would do a smart job if the midfielder committed his future to the club.

Bielsa said: “It is very difficult for me to refer myself to Forshaw, at this moment in which he has received such a valuable response. Because I did not know Forshaw would be the player he was before.

“I don’t want it to appear that the process that Forshaw went through was not with my support. He did it himself with all the support the club gave him which was a huge support but I didn’t share in his success, I just accompanied him.

“And when the moment came I gave the responses he deserved to play, but in the important part of those two years I wasn’t around with him so I don’t want to tie myself up too much to him because I don’t want to impose his success.

“The club would take a very appropriate decision if they extend Forshaw. Every week he is showing himself as a player of a very good level.”

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