Bill of former Olympic champion Elis Ligtlee is paid by radio station: ‘The goal is a happier me’ | cycling

Former Olympic champion Elis Ligtlee gets back on his bike. The 27-year-old track cyclist spoke candidly in the morning show on Radio 538 about her problems that caused her to suddenly end her career three years ago. “Mentally I was exhausted.”

Ligtlee told her story to Wietze de Jager and Klaas van der Eerden in the section Here’s your bill, where listeners can ask for money for a special wish. The gold medal winner of the 2016 Games asked for a contribution for a bicycle trainer and subsequently won a prize.


The goal is really just a happier me. I think that’s the most important.

Elis Ligtlee

Ligtlee now wants to pick up the thread again, she announced on the radio this morning. ,,After the Games, I didn’t want to know anything about cycling anymore”, she confessed. “Mentally I was exhausted. I always had to fight with myself. I was done with that. I really didn’t want to touch the bike anymore. If you don’t have fun anymore, it won’t work anymore.”

During her career, Ligtlee struggled continuously with her weight. “I’ve always been a curvier woman. That’s been a struggle all my life. I couldn’t take that fight anymore. Now I want to slowly pick up cycling again because I also want to show the women with a larger size that you can also cycle as usual.”

The ex-track cyclist, who won gold on the keirin at the 2016 Games in Rio, was taunted last year after a TV appearance on the NOS. She analyzed the Olympic track tournament at the time. In addition to many positive comments, her appearance also resulted in quite a few negative reactions. Focused on her appearance. That touched her enormously, she told this site at the time.


Ligtlee does not aspire to make a comeback as a top athlete. ,,The goal is really just a happier me. I think that’s the most important. I can’t really look at myself in the mirror anymore. That fight will always be there. That’s the battle I want to win.”

The start is there for Ligtlee, because the bill of 774 euros that she sent in is paid by the radio station.

Elis Ligtlee with her gold medal in 2016. © Heart of you

Elis Ligtlee at the 2016 Games.
Elis Ligtlee at the 2016 Games. © Getty Images

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