Boris Johnson lockdown parties: Queen mourns, Downing Street celebrates

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Boris Johnson comes under fire for alleged lockdown parties at his official residence. New allegations risk worsening the Prime Minister’s situation.

Update Friday, January 14, 2022, 6:00 a.m.: The scandal surrounding the parties at the seat of government of the British Prime Minister widens: on the eve of the funeral of the queen consort Prince Philip in April, dozens of employees of the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson are said to have celebrated two confinement parties in his official residence. As the Daily Telegraph reported on Friday evening, around 30 people in total attended. We were drinking alcohol and people were dancing.

At that time, strict contact and distance rules applied due to the corona pandemic. Due to the settlement, the Queen had to sit on her own in the chapel at her Windsor residence the next day when her husband, whom she had been married to for 73 years, was buried there. The photo of the lonely Queen was one of the defining impressions of the pandemic and touched the hearts of millions of Britons: inside. The indignation is now all the greater. “While she was crying, no. 10, ”said Liberal Democrat leader Ed Davey.

Even though Johnson himself did not attend the parties on April 16, 2021, and was also not present at Downing Street, he will be held accountable for the behavior of his employees. “I have no words to describe the culture and behavior of No. 10,” said deputy leader of the largest opposition party, Labor, Angela Rayner. The fish stinks from the head.

It is the first party of confinement at the seat of government dating from 2021 that is made known. So far, several celebrations in May and December 2020 had gone public.

It’s stormy weather for Boris Johnson right now.

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Boris Johnson’s corona parties are causing a stir

First report: London – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson continues to face criticism from the opposition and his own party. The reason is the so-called “Partygate” case. Johnson is said to have organized and celebrated an illegal garden party during the Corona lockdown in 2020. Several politicians are now calling for his resignation. Many citizens of Great Britain are also angry.

On Wednesday January 12, 2022, Johnson apologized to the House of Commons. He said he hosted the Downing Street garden party during the crown’s first lockdown in May 2020 for a business meeting. In retrospect, this assessment was wrong. The director of the UK Prime Minister’s office had emailed around 100 staff at the meeting and pointed out: “Bring your own alcohol.”

Boris Johnson (M), Prime Minister of Great Britain, during the weekly Prime Minister’s Questions session in the British Parliament.

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UK: Boris Johnson’s apology does not seem sufficient

Apparently, Boris Johnson’s apologies are not enough for his own party colleagues (Tories) or opposition politicians (Labor). The latter are asking for the resignation of the current Prime Minister. So far, however, four Tory MPs have also publicly called on Johnson to step down, including Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross.

In a conversation with other party members, the British Prime Minister is said to have defiantly yielded. This is what the Times daily reports. Personally, he was supposed to have said that he had done nothing wrong. Johnson only bought time with an apology, according to the report, but internal party resistance alone is very great.

Last name Alexandre Boris of Pfeffel Johnson
Nickname Boris
Date and place of birth June 19, 1964 in New York City (United States)
Political office Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
Political party Conservative and Unionist Party (Tories)

“It’s over. It’s indefensible and it’s incredible the little support he enjoys within the group,” a cabinet member reportedly told The Times. In addition, there is also opposition to the Prime Minister “He apologizes for being caught,” Labor politician Lisa Nandy said.

After Corona party: Boris Johnson’s resignation is not expressly excluded

The continuation of the riot over Boris Johnson remains open: he did not expressly rule out a resignation. Johnson has so far asked to wait for the official results of internal investigations. In addition to the aforementioned garden party during the lockdown, these deal with other alleged downing street parties.

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Possible successors of the Conservative Party already seem to be under discussion: Foreign Minister Liz Truss and Finance Minister Rishi Sunak. Both spoke on Wednesday evening of the current situation. While Sunak was rather reluctant, Truss Johnson ensured his support.

Johnson could be removed from office by a vote of no confidence. To do so, however, 15% of the 360 ​​Tory MPs would have to express their distrust of the prime minister. Officially, the Prime Minister is still a long way off.

But the general Tory polls in Britain are anything but good – according to the Times, the opposition Labor Party’s lead over Johnson’s Tories has fallen to ten percentage points. (jey / dpa)

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