British Home Intelligence: MI5 warns of suspected Chinese agent

Status: 01/14/2022 10:57 a.m.

She reportedly tried to influence British policy – in the interests of Chinese leaders: Britain’s Home Intelligence Service warns upper and lower houses of a lawyer who had good connections in the government district.

UK home intelligence agency MI5 has warned UK members of parliament of a suspicious agent from China. Lawyer Christine Lee has played a mediating role in “providing financial assistance to political parties, parliamentarians, aspiring parliamentarians and those considering political office in the UK”, according to the warning.

The woman is making connections for the Chinese Communist Party and trying to influence British politicians to influence the political climate in favor of China.

Important donation to opposition politicians

Lee is said to have donated 200,000 pounds (around 239,000 euros) to British opposition politician Barry Gardiner, and an additional 100,000 pounds (around 120,000 euros) to his Labor Party. The money is said to come from foreign nationals from China and Hong Kong. Gardiner, who has since resigned, said Lee’s son was also employed by him and coordinated his schedule.

Well networked in parliamentary circles

Christine Lee was probably well connected in London’s government quarter: ex-Prime Minister Theresa May honored Lee in 2019 for her contribution to good Sino-British relations, Lee was pictured at events with the former Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn or ex-Prime Minister David Cameron.

She is the founder of a law firm with offices in London and Birmingham. The trade register indicates that she is a British citizen and her company website lists, among other things, her work as a legal adviser to the Chinese Embassy.

A spokeswoman for the Chinese Embassy in London denied the allegations. China basically stays out of foreign affairs and doesn’t need to “buy influence”.

Lee is not allowed to enter Parliament. She has not yet been charged.

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So far no basis for an indictment

UK Home Secretary Priti Patel said Lee’s activities so far were insufficient to indict him. Nonetheless, MPs have been warned against Lee’s attempts to influence. Patel said she was very concerned that people working for the Chinese Communist Party were targeting MPs.

Conservative MP Duncan Smith has expressed concern that Lee remains on the run. He could not understand that she was not arrested, but simply prevented from entering parliament. Following the incident, he requested a review of parliamentary accreditation.

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