Britons laugh at Boris Johnson’s party gate

#Partygate on Twitter
Brits laugh at Boris Johnson’s corona party – even ‘Larry the cat’ tweeted

Boris Johnson perhaps shouldn’t have told the House of Commons that he thought the Downing Street Party was a “business meeting”.

In the UK, there is great anger over a celebration in Downing Street amid the Corona lockdown. The many tweets on #Partygate are also extremely funny.

Sometimes an apology only makes matters worse – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has to learn this painfully, too. He is under criticism for a garden party at number ten Downing Street because it took place during the first corona lockdown in May 2020. There are resignation calls and declining polls. And yes, there is the ridiculous on social media.

Party at Boris Johnson’s: guests must bring their own alcohol

The wave of biting humor pouring over Johnson is sparked by the Prime Minister’s reaction to the allegations against him: On Wednesday, Johnson apologized in the House of Commons for the celebration, which the British media casually referred to as “Bring” Your Own Booze Party ”“ Bring-your-stuff-yourself-with-you. ”Johnson’s office manager had emailed over a hundred employees and wrote,“ Bring your own booze ”.

It’s just stupid that Johnson tried to get out of Parliament on Wednesday. He assumed it was a business meeting, he said. In hindsight, that was wrong. “In hindsight, I should have sent them home,” the sick prime minister told parliamentarians of the lower house, quoted for example by the Evening Standard – in order to immediately collect the funniest tweets on the matter. Long live British humor.

The day after the Prime Minister’s appearance in the House of Commons, a number of British media outlets reluctantly released numerous comments and memes targeting Johnson’s – seemingly lame – excuse. There are photos that show other celebrations that got completely out of hand or young men who like to drink with glassy eyes. And underneath are comments like “Thought it was a business meeting.”

On the “Larry the Cat” Twitter account, it is written about #Partygate: 1. There were no parties. 2. I am outraged to learn that there have been parties. 3. I myself attended a “bring your own alcohol” party to which I was invited, believing it to be a business meeting. 4. I apologize for the fact that the world does not believe this was a business meeting.

The cat Larry really does exist – he has lived in the seat of government in Downing Street for many years and is believed to catch mice there. However, he does not tweet.

One cartoon shows a warning sign with people drinking and the words “Men at work”. Another tweet read “I ran into a party in the back garden”. There is probably no end to the creativity of the British and more fun articles will follow. Or, as it says in a tweet, “Let the party begin!”

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