Canada: court temporarily withdraws custody of unvaccinated father

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Court temporarily withdraws custody of unvaccinated father

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It is not in the “best interests” of the child to “have contact with his father”: because he is not vaccinated, a court has temporarily withdrawn the custody of a Canadian. The judge also justified his decision with statements from the father on Facebook who were skeptical of the vaccinations.

IIn the Canadian province of Quebec, a court has temporarily withdrawn custody of his child from a father who was skeptical about vaccinations. In the December 23 decision, which the AFP news agency received, it is said that it is not in the “best interests” of the child “to have contact with his father if he is not vaccinated and in the current epidemiological situation opposes the measures “.

The newspaper “Le Devoir” had already reported on the case. The father originally requested that custody of the 12-year-old be extended over the Christmas and New Years holidays. However, the judge waived all his rights until February unless he still decides to to get vaccinated.

The judge ruled that the statements made by the father on Internet platforms such as Facebook showed “that he is apparently speaking out against vaccinations and health measures”.

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The protection of the child against the coronavirus is therefore not guaranteed, even in view of the highly contagious Omikron variant.

Ex-wife lives with a new family

The mother now lives with a partner and two other children aged seven months and four years. You are not vaccinated because vaccination is only possible in Canada from the age of five. In court, the woman described her ex-husband as a “conspiracy theorist” and “an opponent of vaccinations.”

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“In these circumstances, it is not in the interest of one of the three children” that the father can see the 12-year-old child “at this stage”, underlined the judge.

Quebec has experienced a sharp increase in infections and hospitalizations for several weeks due to the rapid spread of the Omikron variant. More than 90% of Quebec adults are vaccinated.

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Primary vaccinations have quadrupled

The French-speaking province has decided to crack down on those who refuse to be vaccinated and will soon introduce a new tax that will only apply to unvaccinated people. Unvaccinated people are also banned from liquor and cannabis stores across the province.


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