Cardiff 33-36 Harlequins: Marcus Smith breaks Wales hearts with last kick of the match despite Owen Lane brace

England’s half-fly Marcus Smith scored the match-winning penalty with the last kick in an epic European showdown to break the hearts of Cardiff.

There were ten attempts in total, five attempts each, plus three yellow cards in an accident-filled match in the Champions Cup at Arms Park, in which the lead was switched back and forth.

Wales winger Owen Lane was brilliant in the home ranks, relegating twice and setting the stage for another score.

But it was Smith who got the man of the match title with 15 points and shined throughout the match with his individual brilliance.

Cardiff gets two bonus points losing ground and can feel good playing some awesome stuff.

But they will regret letting the win slip by taking a 33-19 lead in the final quarter and then 33-26 with just four minutes remaining.

This was a really cracked match and it’s a pity that there weren’t any fans to see it.

The Harlequins dominated the early exchanges and deservedly advanced in seven minutes when winger Louis Lynagh pocketed a minute Smith cross kick and slashed inside Hallam Amos who slid off the corner to land.

At that point Cardiff hadn’t made a single carry, but they made their way into the game and started showing off their attacking threat from the fast ball.

He equalized results in 13 minutes thanks to Lin’s strong finish.

He had a lot to do when he took the ball on the right, but he got up inside the middle Luke Northmore and handed the opposite number Cadane Morley to race.

Then, five minutes later, the homeowners scored again to take the lead.

No less elegant than the others, Ray Lee Lu’s center created an offensive position by sliding his glider on the left.

A few penalty kicks followed and Cardiff continued to press forward, with number 8 James Ratti making his way from close range.

But, as the halving progressed, Queens’ dominance of Scrum began to emerge and penalties against the hosts increased.

In the end, French referee Toul Trinini lost patience and yellow card backer Dimitri Aribe after repeated fouls.

Facing the 14 men, the visitors finally told their pressure in the final play of the game, deep in injury time, when linebacker Tyrone Green hit a loose ball following another Smith cross to make it 14-12 at the break. .

They made the most of their numerical advantage on appeal when the Northmore center was dispatched by former Cardiff Mets teammate Alex Dumbrant after impressive hands from that Smith man.

But then Dombrandt got a yellow card for not rolling close to his team’s line, and it was the hosts’ turn to cash in on an extra man and how, as they made three goals in four minutes.

Wells prop Delon Lewis crashed after a series of forward moves and then Owen Lane took center stage.

First, the winger provided a corner kick after jumping on a loose rebound after a kick from Amos.

Owen Lane scored his second goal against Harlequins

Green then left to die outside in the crowd to replace the estranged Corry Dowachowski with control.

But Danny Kerr crossed the cross to cut the gap and Cardiff was reduced again to 14 men as prostitute Kirby Mahle received a yellow card.

The remaining script was written by top player Smith, who danced over four minutes from time to time to iron out the scores and then got the last word after punishing Josh Adams for his persistence while the hosts looked to deep-down at a response in search of a win. in overtime.

What a game!

Cardiff rugby: Helm Amos; Owen Lane, Ri-Li Lou, Olisei Hallahulu, Josh Adams; Jarrod Evans, Thomas Williams; Rhys Carrey, Kirby Mahel, Dimitri Arieb, Josh Turnbull (captain), Seb Davis, Shane Louis Hughes, Ellis Jenkins, James Ratey.

actors : Torin Mahill, Corey Domachovsky, Dillon Lewis, Rory Thornton, Will Boyd, Lloyd Williams, Reese Priestland, Ben Thomas.

Harlequins: Tyrone Green; Lewis; Lina, Joe Marchant, Luke Northmore, Kadane Morley; Marcus Smith, Danny Kerr; Joe Marler, Jack Walker, Will Collier, Matt Simmons, Dino Lamb, James Chisholm, Tom Loday, Alex Dombrandt (captain).

Repetitions: Sam Riley, Santiago Garcia Bota, Simone Kerrod, Hugh Tizard, Willami Tollani, Jack Stafford, Will Edwards, Hugh Jones.

Rule: Toile Trinini (France)

Starting: 8 pm


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