Chris Evert confirms she’s battling ovarian cancer as the tennis legend engages in a brave fight

Chris Evert has revealed that she has ovarian cancer. The tennis legend shared the news in an ESPN article earlier today and is currently undergoing chemotherapy

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Tennis icon Chris Evert has revealed that she is battling ovarian cancer.

In an article by Everett and journalist and friend Chris McKendry, he wrote an article detailing the 67-year-old’s thoughts and feelings after a malignant tumor was discovered during a preventive hysterectomy last month.

McKendry quoted the text the sports legend sent her with the horrific news, which read: “The pathology report came back today and revealed a malignant fallopian tube; going for more surgery next week and then chemotherapy…and—I… “

“I read the text five times before diving into it.”

Evert lost her younger sister, former professional tennis player Jane Everett Dubin to the same illness in 2020.

Former tennis star Chris Evert diagnosed with stage 1 ovarian cancer



Unfortunately her cancer spread as soon as it was discovered as he had no symptoms, but once Evert sent her blood for testing and after she underwent a hysterectomy in early December, the cancer was found.

“I couldn’t believe it. I was training, doing crossfit and playing tennis. I didn’t feel anything different,” the Grand Slam champion predicted.

Her surgeon Dr. Joel Cardenas shed more light on the importance of detecting ovarian cancer early.

He explained that “70-80% of ovarian cancer is diagnosed in the third or fourth stage.”

“Three months or so from now, you’ll be in stage 3 or 4. If nothing is done, you’ll get to the belly.”

The American is currently undergoing six weeks of chemotherapy and remains optimistic about her recovery.

She confirmed that she will appear intermittently on ESPN via video link during the Australian Open to discuss matches.

She took to Twitter and wrote: “I wanted to share my stage 1 ovarian cancer diagnosis and the story behind it as a way to help others.

“I feel very fortunate that they found it so early and can expect positive results from my chemotherapy plan. Thank you to Chris McKendry for being friends and for sharing this personal story with me.

“And thank you all for respecting my need to focus on my health and treatment plan.

The sports legend undergoes six weeks of chemotherapy



“You’ll see me looking from home sometimes during ESPN coverage of the Australian Open.”

Many players past and present have sent best wishes to Evert, including fellow legend Billie Jean King.

She wrote, “Sending you lots of love and healing thoughts, ChrissieEvert.” , while Spain’s Paula Padusa, 24, who won the Sydney international event earlier today, wrote: “Wishing you a speedy recovery Chris. Take care, big hug.”

The Australian Open will start at Melbourne Park tomorrow night.

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