Corona: New Covid symptom? Notable case in Berlin


Corona: Remarkable case in Berlin – new symptom?

Cannabis against Corona: New study gives first indications

Cannabis against Corona: New study gives first indications

Does cannabis help against the corona virus? A research team from the United States has published a study that gives hope.

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A Corona case makes doctors sit up and take notice. A patient has an unusual symptom – which may persist even after recovery.

Berlin. A 35-year-old man arrives in Berlin after several fainting spells to the emergency room. During the examination, his doctors found that the man had tested positive for Corona. Otherwise nothing is wrong with him. Doctors now assume a connection between fainting and the virus, reports the specialist journal ‘Ärzte-Zeitung’.

The link arises because of the “reproducible circumstances in which syncope (circulatory disorder leading to fainting, editor’s note) manifests, the clear chronological correlation of symptoms with Sars-CoV-2 infection and the absence of properties, suggestive of structural heart disease,” the report states. read also: Mystery solved – why smoking can protect against corona

Fainting, especially in the early stages of an infection

The Berlin doctors are not the first to have observed this rapprochement. A December 2021 US study looked at the frequency and timing of fainting spells associated with Crown appear. The researchers evaluated more than 14,000 patient data. Also interesting: New study: Does cannabis help against the corona virus?

Their result: about one in 25 patients develop an early-stage infection SARS-CoV-2 Syncope – or the feeling of approaching unconsciousness (presyncope) – as the first symptom of Covid-19. People over 60 have been particularly affected. You might be interested: Corona Omicron variant: these are possible symptoms

Although the authors of the book fainting not for a typical Corona symptom. However, fainting should be taken seriously as a warning sign of an infection. It is not yet known why an infection can lead to syncope. High blood pressure and associated medications could play a role, as well as diabetes, obesity or heart disease.

Moreover, syncope could also be one of the side effects of Long Covid. Several studies have reported that people who have recovered continue to work about three to four weeks after diagnosis fainting spells according to the American study. (pcl)


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