Coronavirus live ticker: +++ 00:19 Thousands of Hindus bathe in the Ganges despite the pandemic +++

+++ 00:19 Thousands of Hindus bathe in the Ganges despite the pandemic +++

Despite a rapid rise in infection cases in India, thousands of Hindus made the Ganges pilgrimage on Friday to participate in the Gangasar Mela pilgrimage festival and take a ritual bath in the river. Despite the omicron wave, a court in Kolkata threw out the ban on the festival a few days ago. Most pilgrims did not wear masks. In total, up to three million pilgrims were expected on Friday. A government official says there has been a “sea of ​​people” since dawn.

+++ 23:06 Wales ease restrictions +++
So far, around 320.15 million people worldwide have been shown to have contracted the corona virus. This is the result of a Reuters survey based on official data. More than 5.87 million people have died with or because of the virus, which was first detected in December 2019 in Wuhan, China. The United States has the highest number of infections and deaths. India and Brazil follow in terms of infections.

+++ 23:06 Wales ease restrictions +++
Due to a significant decrease in daily corona cases, the British part of Wales wants to relax its restrictions again. The measures would have weathered the “Omicron storm”, says Welsh Prime Minister Mark Drakeford of the particularly contagious variant of the virus in Cardiff. From this Saturday, outdoor events such as sporting events will again be able to take part with 500 spectators instead of 50, and from January 21, fully occupied stands will again be allowed outside. At the end of the month, nightclubs and restaurants are allowed to open normally, but they still have to check for evidence of vaccinations or tests.

+++ 21:57 US households can order four free tests +++
US households can order four free corona self-tests from January 19 on the website. According to the president’s office, delivery should take seven to twelve days after the order is placed. US President Jo Biden promised to provide the American people with a billion free tests. Some of the tests have recently sold out or were only available at very high prices. The United States has approximately 330 million inhabitants.

+++ 21:36 KBV boss: We are subject to a certain illusion of control +++
Andreas Gassen, head of the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KBV), is convinced that there must be significant changes in the testing process in connection with the corona pandemic and that focus must be on symptomatic cases. “The focus will be on getting PCR tests to people who may be released from quarantine,” Gassen told Phoenix TV. The number of infections is already “significantly higher” than the number reported by the RKI, as many infections are no longer noticed. “We have been subjected for months to a certain illusion of control”, added the CEO of KBV. You only get a full picture of the pandemic in a few areas, like hospital admissions and people who need to be treated in intensive care units.

+++ 21:16 Corona was plaguing US meat processors in 2020 +++
In the first year of the corona pandemic, corona infections occurred in nearly 90% of the meat processing plants of five major US companies. This emerges from a Reuters analysis of public data. A US congressional committee is investigating how meat processors have handled the Corona crisis. October data from Tyson Foods, JBS, Cargill, Smithfield Foods and National Beef shows there were 59,000 cases of Covid-19 and 269 deaths among employees from March 2020 to February 2021. The figures were three times higher than initial estimates.

+++ 20:51 Söder draws “deep lessons” from two years of pandemic +++
Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder wants to take a “broader approach” to corona policy in the future. “I thought about the turn of the year for a long time, had a lot of conversations – privately and politically – and also learned profound lessons from these two Corona years”, says the CSU politician to the “Münchner Merkur “. “We need a broader approach now, especially at Omikron. It will no longer be enough to look at the situation only from a medical and virological point of view. We also need to pay more attention to the societal and social components.” Society is not divided into two equal parts, but it is divided. “A small group of lateral thinkers with very abstruse arguments, a large group of very cautious people, but also some who have followed all the rules but are exhausted and tired and are beginning to doubt the meaning of certain regulations.”

+++ 20:32 Rutte announces easing in the Netherlands +++
Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte has announced that corona restrictions will be eased despite the record number of infections. From Saturday, shops beyond basic needs as well as hair salons and cosmetic studios are allowed to reopen for the first time since mid-December – albeit under strict conditions and only until 17 hours. Bars, restaurants and museums would remain closed until at least January 25.

+++ 7:55 p.m. federal states report 80,010 new cases +++
The number of reported coronavirus infections in Germany rose to 7,858,552. As information from 15 state authorities assessed by shows, 80,010 new cases were added. The nationwide daily increase is about 37.3% above last week’s level. By Friday, January 7, state authorities had reported a total of 58,277 new cases. The Free State of Saxony has not yet released figures. Saxony had recently recorded around 1,200 new cases per day. The number of infection-related deaths has increased by 217 to 115,375. According to official estimates, more than 815,304 people in Germany are currently seriously infected with the coronavirus, although this number is only based on known coronavirus infections. and confirmed in the laboratory.

Hamburg and North Rhine-Westphalia record a new daily record for new infections.

The infection rate (R value over 7 days) is given by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) at 1.2 (previous day: 1.14).

+++ 19:17 Italy reports increase in new infections +++
In Italy, the number of new recorded infections rose to 186,253 after 184,615 on Thursday. The number of reported deaths rose to 360 from 316 previously. Italy thus registers around twice as many new infections every day as Germany, while the population of almost 60 million inhabitants is around a quarter less than that of the Federal Republic.

+++ 19:01 These modified quarantine rules apply in the north from Saturday +++
The new quarantine rules for corona infected persons and contact persons will apply in Schleswig-Holstein from this Saturday. The Ministry of Health has issued a corresponding decree, a spokesperson said on Friday. On this basis, districts and city districts can issue legally binding general decrees. The Bundestag and the Bundesrat had previously approved a corresponding ordinance. The new rules state that triple-vaccinated contacts of people infected with the coronavirus should no longer be quarantined. This also applies to those who have been newly vaccinated twice or who have just recovered. In addition, shorter quarantine times are made possible in the event of infections in order to avoid the collapse of personnel in important care areas when the number of infections rises sharply. In the future, infected persons or contact persons who do not meet the quarantine exemption conditions can be discharged after seven days with a PCR test or a certified rapid antigen test.

+++ 18:34 Too many cases: Berlin transport companies limit bus traffic +++
The sharp increase in Corona numbers in Berlin now also affects local transport. The Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG) will reduce its weekday bus service by 3% from Wednesday January 19, according to the BVG. The background is an increasing number of reports of illness and quarantine. According to its own statements, the company will likely adjust its offer on January 24.

+++ 6:15 p.m. In Britain the number of new infections is falling +++
In Great Britain, the authorities have identified 99,652 new contaminations in 24 hours. This reduces the total number of new infections in the last seven days by 29.5%. 270 people have died after testing positive for the virus in the past 28 days. Total deaths over the past seven days have increased by 67% after rampant new infections in recent weeks.

+++ 17:39 Scandal in Poland: Most corona consultants leave the board +++
In Poland, the dispute over the state’s corona policy has led to an open scandal in the government’s medical advisory board. In protest against the growing influence of anti-vaccination groups, 13 out of 17 members quit the Medical Council. The experts justify this in a letter to Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki by a “lack of influence” of their recommendations. “At the same time, we have observed that there is a growing tolerance for groups that deny the threat of Covid-19 and the importance of vaccination in the fight against the pandemic.” The opposition has long accused the national conservative PiS government of avoiding drastic measures in view of the relatively low vaccination rate so as not to alienate vaccination opponents within its own ranks. For example, there is still no legal basis for operators of restaurants, hotels and shops to query the vaccination status of their customers.

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