Court withdraws custody of unvaccinated father – Panorama

– A Canadian has been temporarily removed from police custody because he was not going to be vaccinated. According to the judge, the man’s Facebook posts are also a reason for the decision: the posts relate to vaccine-skeptical claims.

In the Canadian province of Quebec, disputes with children are resolved by answering the question “What is in the best interests of the child?” decided, according to Sylvie Schirm, lawyer in family law, in an interview with the Canadian daily “Le Devoir”. It is not in the “best interests” of the child “to have contact with his father if he is not vaccinated and denounces the health measures in the current epidemiological situation”, she continues.

An unvaccinated father was therefore removed from police custody. His child was with him every other weekend and for a week during the holiday season. The father asked for an extension of time spent together over the Christmas holidays and the start of the year – but the mother of the twelve-year-old objected and described the miner’s father as a conspiracy theorist and an opponent of vaccinations.

Facebook posts question credibility

In a written statement, the man said he would adhere to applicable corona measures – he just had a skeptical attitude towards vaccines. Because of his Facebook posts, the court questioned his credibility and waived all of the father’s rights until February, unless he still decides to get the shot.

The judge ruled that the father’s statements on social media platforms such as Facebook show he is against vaccinations and applicable health measures. According to “Le Devoir”, the twelve-year-old child has already been vaccinated twice. Protection against the corona virus is not guaranteed given the highly contagious Omicron variant and the attitude of the father.

Not in the best interests of any of the three children

Another factor was also decisive for the court’s decision: the mother now lives with her partner and two children under the age of five. Since vaccination is only possible from the age of five in Canada, the two children are not vaccinated. The judge ruled that in these circumstances it was not in the best interests of one of the three children that the twelve-year-old could see his father at the present time, according to the Canadian daily.

The rapid spread of the omicron variant is also noticeable in Quebec. For several weeks, the number of infections by the corona virus has increased sharply. Almost 80 percent of Canadians are already fully immunized.

In order to increase the vaccination rate, the Canadian province of Quebec is taking more severe measures: access to stores selling alcohol and marijuana is prohibited for unvaccinated people.

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