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She was looking forward to the hunting safari with her husband and was determined to track down a leopard. What Bianca Finizio Rudolph didn’t know at the time: she herself was the one at the top of her husband’s hit list…

Pittsburgh (USA-state of Pennsylvania) In 2016, Lawrence Rudolph and his wife Bianca traveled to Africa for a big game hunt. The alleged accident happened during the safari: the woman died after being shot in the chest with a shotgun at close range.

At the time, her husband, dentist Lawrence Rudolph, told Zambian police that his wife died after trying to put the shotgun back in its holster. She would have forgotten that the gun was loaded. A lie, as it now seems to turn out!

Seven years after the tragedy, the now 67-year-old dentist is now the subject of investigations, accused of the murder of his wife to defraud millions of dollars in life insurance!

Shared ‘hobbies’: Bianca and Lawrence Rudolph hunted exotic animals on big game safaris Photo: Larry Rudolph/Facebook

According to court documents filed this week, shortly after his wife died, Rudolph contacted the local US consulate and said he wanted his wife’s body cremated as soon as possible. This is reported by the “Daily Star”.

After this conversation, the consulate official reportedly contacted the FBI. As quoted by the Daily Star, he said he had “a sense of unease about the situation, which he said was ‘moving too fast'”.

He also told investigators that Ms Rudolph appeared to have been shot in the heart from a distance of up to two meters – a statement which contradicts that of her husband!

At that time, he took pictures of the mortal wound. A US coroner later reviewing the photos said, “In my opinion, it would be physically impossible to accidentally fire this shotgun in its carrying case, causing an injury such as that sustained on the body of Mrs. Rudolph”, said said the New York Post. “.

Dentist Lawrence Rudolph likes to hunt and kill big game

Dentist Lawrence Rudolph likes to kill big gamePhoto: Larry Rudolph/Facebook

Immediately after his wife’s cremation, Rudolph called his insurance company, demanding payment on the policy, which had only been updated shortly before his death. Amount: nearly five million dollars (approximately 4.4 million euros).

A former dental practice employee told investigators what he did with the money. He testified that Rudolph had an affair that gave him “a one-year ultimatum to sell his dental practice and leave Bianca” shortly before he traveled to Africa with his wife.

This statement is supported by travel documents from Lawrence Rudolph and his lover, who traveled together immediately after Bianca Rudolph’s death.

The 67-year-old has now been charged with murder overseas.


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