Eddie Howe’s message to the clubs that raise Newcastle prices in the January window

Eddie Howe insists Newcastle United will leave the room on certain transfer deals if clubs raise prices to an unreasonable level.

The Toon boss believes United are paying a price after the club’s takeover last fall while the club’s crest is now associated with wealth.

Newcastle are still in dialogue with Lille about Sven Putman and have not withdrawn their offer and they continue to speak with Sevilla about Diego Carlos.

But when asked about the possibility of walking away from talks on some goals, Howe said: “You have to draw a line in certain situations.

“Otherwise, where does the game go?

“Uncomfortable place.

“It’s all about the individual player and judging them based on individual merit and that’s what we tried to do.”

When asked if there was a risk of losing value-for-money deals due to the frenetic pace of January as well as wealthy Newcastle owners, Howe replied: “Definitely in this window.

“Forget the fact that we have the name (Newcastle United) and the wealth that people think we have.

“It’s this window, the current market that is raising prices to a level that is very uncomfortable for everyone.

“Everyone is well aware that we are in the market to fill certain positions.

This demand then causes the price to go up.

“There is nothing we can do about it.

“The window still surprises everyone, but we just have to live in this world.

“We needed players that we identified and we were able to cross the line.

“The cost of these players is uncomfortable, it’s not just anyone, it’s everyone in general but that’s the market we’re in.”

For now, the Newcastle transition staffing team consisting of Nick Hammond, Steve Nixon and Howe staff continues to work around the clock to seal deals.

Chris Wood’s deal was only delayed in the early hours of Thursday morning in order to beat the registration deadline for the Watford match.

When asked about his views on the January window, Howe said: “The transfer window is always slightly different in each period.

“It depends on what you need or what job you are in.

“I had certain windows when we didn’t need anything.

“This has been different, certainly with the club’s location.

“With our need for certain jobs we were very active.

“Everyone behind the scenes is working tirelessly to improve the team and I think we have players who have done that so far in Chris Wood and Kieran Trippier.

“I’ve been really happy with our work up to this point, and we’re working hard to see if there’s anything else we can get at that makes us stronger.

“That’s the point, it’s not about quantity and numbers, it’s about what makes us stronger.”

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But Howe simply wants Newcastle to go ahead with the final two weeks out the window so they are competitive enough to stay awake.

Howe added: “We need a balance, there are some imbalances in the team, so having the options and the players available where you can be creative and change the systems.

“Obviously having the basics of what you need to do and then winning matches is vital.

“There were certain matches in December where we felt out of balance.

“We’re just trying to fix that.

“It could happen to any squad with Covid up and down.

“But we are just looking to play every game with confidence knowing that we are good enough to win the match.”


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