Erling Haaland has already shown Bernardo Silva why he’s adapting to Manchester City – Alex Brotherton

With speculation mounting ahead of what promises to be a big summer for Manchester City, Pep Guardiola’s side are being considered as one of the favorites to beat striker Erling Haaland.

The Borussia Dortmund striker is known all over the world for his superb touch, blazing speed, strength and footballing intelligence. There are few strikers in the world more deadly than the 21-year-old.

However, if there is anything to contend with in a recent video of the Norwegian, it is not the only reasons why he is such a good fit at City.

In the final seconds of Dortmund’s latest 3-2 victory over Eintracht Frankfurt, Haaland received the ball from a short corner kick. His team fought bravely from 0-2 behind, and with only seconds of injury time remaining, his team was careful not to return the ball to their opponents.

As Thorgan Hazard swayed every second while getting ready to take the kick, Haaland stood aside and started singing to himself out loud.

The next moment he received the ball and immediately shot it against one of the Frankfurt players, winning another time-lost corner. And while doing so, he turned around and celebrated as if he had just scored the winning goal at the last minute.

Haaland’s dedication to wasting time and provoking an opponent may seem distasteful to some, but the incident has drawn a strange comparison to the Manchester derby played in December 2017.

During the festive period of Guardiola’s second season in Manchester, the Catalan was approaching his second win over Manchester United as City coach.

City were by no means underperforming, but sporadic goals from David Silva and Nicolas Otamendi, on both sides of Marcus Rashford’s goal, were enough to keep City ahead.

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Jose Mourinho’s United came close to getting the level back up again in the second half, so with the match going into injury time, the only thing City had in mind was knowing the result. As we all know, the best way Guardiola’s teams defend is to keep the ball – and that’s exactly what they did.

For a good three or four minutes, City kept the ball in the corner near United’s goal, with absolutely no intention of trying to score. When United’s players came to shut down the passing options, Bernardo Silva, Raheem Sterling and Kevin De Bruyne took turns hitting the ball against them and winning a corner or throw-in.

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On one occasion, Bernardo managed to evade two challenges on the line and find himself clean in the net, but instead decided to turn back and dribble towards the corner flag.

To the delight of the city’s fans traveling by sight, the four-minute circus was held right in front of them, with every set-kick being won with the enthusiasm of goal celebration.

Now, just imagine if Haaland was involved in that. Make it happen, Txiki!

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