Every word Mikel Arteta said on Xhaka’s red card, Saka’s injury and Tottenham disqualified

What are your thoughts about the game?

It was about the fighting, the commitment, and the quality they showed. Playing against this team is not our way but it was necessary to do. I asked them I wanted to see a team here that plays with passion, conveying everything we talk about every day and I’ve seen that so I’m really happy.

Did you get a chance to see Xhaka’s red card?

No, I didn’t see him. I went for interviews abroad and now here, so I can’t judge her. I have not seen work.

Does this mean your favorite now with the home game?

Does not mean anything. We play at halftime, maybe less and we need another game and he’s an exceptional opponent. We got a result under the circumstances that we must consider positive. But we have a second stop, and we’re going to need everyone back, and we’re going to need to create this great atmosphere in the Emirates with I hope the fans have traveled here today – they made an incredible noise and gave us unbelievable energy. We need to put a real match out there and try to move the match to the opponent.

Will Xhaka’s suspension for Sunday’s game make the North London derby more difficult?

Yeah, but we’re here and we’re missing nine or ten players already. Listen, we don’t know what to expect the next day so we can’t look at that and all the time we have to fall for that and use it as an excuse. We have to play games, that’s our job, that’s the situation we’re in. He can change and he can change to be in a more difficult situation. The team has to rebuild and we have players who want to play and we will do the same on Sunday.

How is Bukayo Saka after his injury?

He felt something at the last minute, it was really stressful and I don’t know. He’s a little kid and he’s recovering pretty quickly, but he’s played a lot of minutes in the last month. So, let’s see how it develops.

Arsenal teams have been criticized in the past for the lack of fighting. How would you sum up what has changed in this group of players?

When you come to a stadium like this I told them, you have to choose players who are happy to go to war. You will have to fight, you will go through difficult moments, you will suffer. It’s about how you deal with those moments. If you rebuild yourself, if you are willing to help your team, good things will happen. In the end you get rewarded and I think that’s what happened today.

How does the satisfaction with 5-0 wins from last season compare to today’s game?

Well, it is completely different. Circumstances, context, you have to evaluate the outcome in each game. What we did today for 70 minutes is very difficult. It shows how much we want to, we want to get to that final. We have the possibility in the second match to finalize it.

Do you have doubts about the date of Sunday’s match?

I don’t know, that’s a possibility in every game from us, from the opponent’s side because of the amount of problems that each team has. We’re trying to prepare for the game as usual, that’s what it is.


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