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previewFabian de Keijzer (21) will make his debut next Sunday in an official match for the main team of FC Utrecht. The Dutch club Juniors goalkeeper was announced as the first goalkeeper, and was soon thrown to the Lions in what is known in Utrecht as the match of the year, at home against Ajax.

De Keijzer was told in a conversation last Thursday that he is now coach René Hake’s first choice. A severe blow to Martin Paes, who was the number one goalkeeper throughout the first half of the season and filled it in right at the start. In the last stage of the first half of the season, he was often involved in scoring goals.

The 23-year-old Pace does not want a backup role and is in advanced talks with Dallas Football Club, a Major League Soccer club. It is rent with option to buy.

It is no coincidence that Thijmen Nijhuis (23), who has been leased to MVV and lost his primary spot in Maastricht, has already been brought back to Utrecht by technical director Jordi Zuidam. This is to bridge the next gap in the goalkeepers guild.


We obviously didn’t go out for ice cream overnight

Renee Hook

Nijhuis could focus on a place as goalkeeper Jong Utrecht, as a place was created by De Keijzer’s transition. In this way he also reaches the minutes of play that he no longer expects for him in the MVV. German Eric Oelschlagl (26) remains a reserve goalkeeper as he was in the first half of the season.

Not a stable supplement

Fabian de Keijzer has already played 51 games for the Kitchen Champion Division Young FC Utrecht. © Pro Shots / Remko Kool

De Keijzer’s development was a reason for Hake’s intervention. I have known him for some time, even when I was training Jung Utrecht. He has come a long way in the past six months and I have had the opportunity to make the decision for him. This is because Paes has not been able to provide a stable follow-up to his very good start in recent matches. It’s a tough choice, but I always want to stay as close as possible to what’s important, which is what every player contributes to the results. Obviously, we didn’t move overnight.”

Hake could also have picked Oelschlägel, who made a stable impression last season when he had to replace injured Paes. “Eric’s choice has definitely been discussed,” says Hake.

“He’s done well, that’s okay, he’s proven to be very reliable. I had the choice between a talented young goalkeeper who is more flexible and an older one. I am somewhat curious about the stretch of self-trained talent. That Eric was far from Fabian, it would have been his turn.”


Huck, who skillfully avoided the subject of Mehmet Tahatrine, did not compete with Ajax without Tommy Saint Jago and Moses Sela. Japanese newcomer Naoki Maeda (27 years old) in the selection competition. In addition, some players suffered from a corona infection during the winter break, Hack said.

“We definitely have some guys that have had to deal with that. Fortunately, they haven’t been out for long, but it goes without saying that we need to build it well with them. We’ll have to wait and see if the last test round doesn’t give any surprises. I hope I can use Everyone who was on the field today Sunday. Whether for a full match or not.”

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