Gabon coach – Aubameyang was not suffering from heart problems that made him miss the Africa Cup of Nations match against Ghana

Patrice Neveu, the striker’s coach, announced that Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang was banned from playing for Gabon in the African Nations Cup draw with Ghana on Friday after discovering traces of the Corona virus in his system. He was suffering from heart problems.

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Aubameyang was forced not to win Gabon’s opening win over Comoros after he tested positive for coronavirus upon arrival in Yaounde on January 6, but was ready to return against Ghana in the Group C meet at Ahmedou Ahidjo Stadium on Friday after returning a negative test.

However, the Arsenal striker was removed from the Gabonese starting lineup today, with the Gabonese Football Association reporting on Twitter in the hours leading up to the match that the CAF medical committee had banned him, his teammates Axel Mei and midfielder Mario Lemina. Play after the tests revealed “cardiac lesions”.

Neveu sought to get things right after Friday’s draw.

“It is clear in the readings that Aubameyang does not have heart problems,” Neveu told ESPN. “he [and Lemina] He passed the PCR tests and they were negative.

Then they ran the second set of tests, the heart tests, and it looked as if the two of them had problems.

“It looks as if the virus has left a residue, the disease has probably left a trail, and two hours before the match, the team doctor and the CAF doctor were on the phone with me, asking me not to play with them.”

Neveu also admitted that he was confused about whether to follow the medical advice, while Aubameyang himself initially refused to accept the medical officials’ assessment.

“In order to protect my players, I made the decision not to play with them,” Nephew continued. “It’s my responsibility, so we chose not to play with them.

“We’ll see what happens now, but that was my responsibility,” he added. “When we got the news, Pierre Emeric wanted to play, and he left his room with his belongings, but the CAF doctor told me again, so his father had to intervene.

“I know it hurt him.”

Without Aubameyang, Gabon managed to secure a point from Ghana during a tough competition, which ended in a dispute as the Black Stars accused their rivals of lacking sportsmanship when the Panthers scored a late equalizer despite an injured player against their opponent.

The draw, along with Gabon’s 1-0 victory over Comoros in the opening match, puts the Central African national team on the brink of the playoffs, and despite Aubameyang’s ongoing medical problems, Neveu, who has just returned from a positive coronavirus diagnosis, remains. I hope he can still play a starring role.

“It is possible that the disease has left a mark, but we will do an MRI, we will see what happens and we will do what is necessary,” he noted.

“We will do what is necessary and follow the procedures.” We have four days [until the match against Morocco]And I hope we get them back, because we need them.”

Jim Alvina’s goal by Gabon in the 88th minute of Andre Ayew’s opening match was ruled out in the 18th minute, leaving the latter needing to beat Comoros in their last game of the group to stay on their way to a knockout.

Benjamin Tetteh saw the red of the black stars after the full-time whistle inflicted a blow on Aaron Pobendza during a brawl prompted by Gabon’s spirited celebrations at the conclusion of the competition.


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