Goals Every Travel Consultant Should Have for 2022

We made it to 2022, and to say I can’t believe it is an understatement. What I can say, however, is that if you made it here, you should be extremely proud of yourself. Being a travel consultant in this current climate has given me and my colleagues more gray hair than we’d like to admit!

The past few years, and especially this last month since Omicron took over the country, have taught us a lot about how we will run our businesses in 2022. Here are five goals every travel consultant should have for the year ahead.


1. Make sure customers have travel insurance

Travel consultants absolutely must ensure that all customers purchase travel insurance for their trips. Every customer boarding a plane must have some form of insurance, be it Basic, Cancel for any reason or Covac. This will definitely save a headache down the road. Familiarize yourself with the basics and befriend one or two representatives from different insurance agencies. If your customer declines travel insurance, make sure they e-mail it to you in writing. Linking insurance to a trip will also save you extra cash, as many insurance policies pay a 25-30 percent commission.

2. Set reminders about the COVID policy

In this ever-changing landscape, it is so important to double and triple check COVID policies closer to the customer’s departure. I have set a two week reminder to re-email hotels and suppliers in international destinations to see if there have been any changes or if they introduced new policies (because sometimes hotel policies differ from actual government policies). A week before, I check the country’s government website again, as well as Sherpas and airline policies.

3. Set goals

I know this is a daunting task and many of us take each day as it comes, but setting goals and making a plan is so essential to getting a business started. Set goals for how many new customers you want per month, how much money you want to make on scheduling costs per month, what your sales goals are per month, how many posts you want to create, and what kind of content you want to create. Once you have this in writing, you can check in weekly to see your status and how to catch up.

4. Connect with your VIP customers

Sign up with your VIP customers at the beginning of the year. Ask what the year looks like for them. How do they see themselves traveling for the year? Do they have any special events that they need your help for? What’s on their bucket list so you can listen to special offers? What are their summer plans and festive plans? Initiating an annual plan will help you when you hear about special packages throughout the year and will also help with your #3 goals.

5. Set Boundaries

I know many of my colleagues and I felt burned out in 2021. Customers have become more and more demanding, and while we know we don’t necessarily have typical 9-5 jobs, we need to set boundaries so as not to exhaust ourselves or spread ourselves too thin. We need to limit who we give our personal cell phones to, and if we do, let them know that email is still the best contact. Personally, I lose track of my text messages, as they are mostly personal, and when I’m in work mode, I know I can access my texts later. This means that I sometimes forget to contact customers, so I always tell them that email is the best way to reach me. Another good idea is to set your hours in your email signature so that customers don’t expect you to reply during dinner time or on weekends.

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