Henk says goodbye to his palace after 32 years and the neighbors are going to miss him

Henk van Erp, neighborhood icon of the Eindhoven district of Bennekel-Oost, has to say goodbye to his special Italian decorated house after 32 years. The former interior stylist suffered a brain haemorrhage last year. Living at home is no longer possible. That he has to leave his beloved home and neighborhood hurts him and the neighbors.

With his flamboyant appearance, he sat in the front garden for years in good weather. With parrot Joepke on his shoulder and cat Ajax nearby. Local residents give him a warm heart and find it terrible that he has to leave.

“He’s a sweet man so I’m going to miss him terribly,” says the neighbor who lives next door to Henk. The neighbor across the street agrees. “He kept an eye on everything in a positive way. I felt safe when Henk sat outside.”

Henk’s house with an area of ​​180 square meters is too big for him. He therefore leaves for an apartment that is only a few minutes away from his current palace. That way he can still keep an eye on things. “I never want to leave this neighborhood again. The whole neighborhood is involved with each other. The new apartment will be my final station,” says Henk determinedly.

Not only the appearance of the true Eindhoven resident stands out, but also his Italian decorated palace attracts attention. The house was for sale on Funda in October and attracted 90,000 viewers on that website in three months. “That’s about a thousand viewers every day for three months,” Henk says proudly.

From sofas covered with gold leaf to a complete wellness bathroom and a decorative peacock in the living room: all furniture was included for the price of half a million euros. All the interest made Henk realize that he indeed has a pearl of an institution. That is why he took his house from Funda and sold it to his cousin, who puts the house up for rent. And he doesn’t want to lose the furniture: they have to go to the new apartment.

As the owner of his own furniture store in Valkenwaard, the former stylist has transformed the living rooms of many celebrities over the years. “I met Linda de Mol on the plane to Bangkok and later I was able to deliver furniture to her,” says the former stylist. “I have also sold exclusive furniture to Andre Hazes senior, Humberto Tan, Gerard Joling and John de Bever.”

Henk flew all over the world to purchase all the furniture. But he proves with his own documents that an interior does not necessarily have to be expensive. “I had the painting in the sitting area repainted in Bangkok. Then you have a work of art on the wall, but you still pay a few hundred thousand less,” he laughs.

As proud as the peacock in the extension of the house, Henk walks around in his palace. “I am going to have the seating furniture reupholstered so that they can be taken to the new apartment. Just like the rest of the interior,” he says. “The furnishing of my new palace will certainly be worthwhile again”, he promises. It may take a while until the move is complete because Henk has one very clear motto. “Good work takes time.”


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