Hill: “The Dutch camp is very happy with the result, but was it fair?”

Johnny Herbert, Damon Hill and Martin Brandl talk about Michael Massey’s role in Formula 1. Sky Sports F1We look back at this particular race a month after Lewis Hamilton lost the world title to Max Verstappen, and come to the conclusion that the Australian race director may not be the man for the role, but there is no good successor for him.

The three Britons were asked if Massey would survive this incident within the sport. Herbert was the first to shed light on the matter: “No, because he has done a lot of damage to the sport. I think you should trust someone in this situation. That trust has now been broken and that’s why I don’t think it works that way. So expect a Formula Driver. 1 Previously, Massey would step down before the 2022 season.

However, he immediately points out the biggest reason why Massey may not leave the field in 2022: “The problem remains who they will use to replace him. Experience is of course very important to the man who will occupy this position. Massey was very fortunate to have learned a lot from Charlie Whiting.

Is there anyone who has managed to gain the same amount of experience in recent years? I don’t think this is the case. And as far as I’m concerned, that’s the big dilemma in this case’, Herbert argues. There is no one in the track who can perform the duties of race director better than Massey, which could mean he will continue to work in the sport beyond the controversial end of the season in Abu Dhabi.

Hill looks at fans Hamilton and Verstappen

For singles world champion Hill, it’s clear: what he allowed to happen in Abu Dhabi will not happen again: I think Massey learned his lesson. He just needs support and confidence in his ability to control what happens, as long as these decisions are within the regulations.” Hill finds what Massey did in Abu Dhabi illegal.

The 2021 finals have been very polarizing, as the Englishman knows: “Hamilton fans are angry, just like Hamilton and Mercedes themselves. They feel they have been robbed of the title because the decision turned out to be against them. There is a lot of pain. That is why Hamilton has not yet heard his voice on the Social media.

He added: “The Dutch national team is of course happy with the result, but was this a fair way to determine the title? You have to admit that this did not live up to expectations, you can even describe it as unfair”, suggests the former Williams driver. In his view, the title should not have been split as it was in 2021, but previous events in the season were ignored by the trio.

Attracts Wolf and Horner Massey

Hill goes one step further. He believes Red Bull Racing and Mercedes put pressure on the race management in Abu Dhabi and that this ultimately determined the bottom line in part. Hill: “Masey went through a lot in 2021 and I think he gave in to the pressure. Of course he had two teams that he was communicating with on the radio.

“That’s something to look at, you can’t suggest that it’s good for guys with the strength of Toto Wolff and Christian Horner to attract the race director. The pressure was enormous. He needs help with that,” he concludes, before giving the floor to Brandel. Brandl argues that Massey He could be the one who could start to feel the consequences of a lost battle for Mercedes. “They could sacrifice it,” Brandl believes.

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