How Bentley uses travel to inspire design elements in its cars

Bentley is known for making some of the most luxurious cars on the market. And it’s the brand’s attention to details and finishes that really justify the six-figure price tag. But what you may not know is that travel elements inspired several of those features. Bentley recently celebrated 1,000 custom projects through the Mulliner division that incorporated specific, wanderlust-inspired customer requests.

“We meet different clients and know their lifestyles,” Darren Day, Bentley’s head of interior architecture, told me. “We know their favorite hotels, food, etc., and we start tweaking the designs to bring those aspects to life. For example, I looked at a client’s favorite hotel and used that to influence the stitching feel.” wow” and don’t always know exactly why. But that’s because we take those lifestyle details into account.”

While there are many examples of travel incorporated into the design, a few stand out.

flying fish set

A favorite pastime of many customers is fly fishing. So the Mulliner team decided to create a kit for the Bentayga to make the next trip to the waterfront a little more luxurious. The Bentayga Fly Fishing by Mulliner has four Hardy Zephrus rods housed in Saddle-leather covered tubes, completed with linen cross-stitching. There’s also a pair of landing nets in matching leather bags, which are stored in a unique carpet-finished hard-shell pocket built into the side of the trunk. And there’s a neoprene-lined handmade wooden case with saddle leather trim to store your waders and boots.

“The Bentayga Fly Fishing rig is an excellent demonstration of how Mulliner can accommodate a particular purpose in the design of your Bentley,” the Mulliner team said in a statement. “The team’s unique skills can be adapted to the most demanding of lifestyles or ensure that your car matches your unique aesthetic.”

Mulliner yacht custom design

If you are lucky enough to own a Bentley, you can probably spend some time on a yacht too. So the craftsmen at Bentley Design Services decided to incorporate that luxurious element of travel into a customer’s Continental GT V8 coupe. First they created a custom nautical trim to match the owner’s yacht with Dutch yacht builder Contest Yachts. That included the inclusion of the yacht’s Hotspur red leather cabin, linen beige skin and diamond-in-diamond stitching. And the Light Sapphire exterior of the car matches the deep blue hull of the yacht.

“This project was an opportunity for Bentley Design Services to showcase some of their many skills in a truly unique collaboration,” Brett Boydell, head of Bentley Design Collaborations at Bentley Motors, said in a statement. “Bentley cars embrace qualities of craftsmanship and styling that can only be achieved at the highest level of nautical design.”

Chic picnic

Like the fly fishing kit, Bentley wanted to create the ultimate luxury accessory for a day trip or road trip: a chic picnic basket. The picnic baskets are designed for the Bentayga series and come with a refrigerator, custom fine china cutlery, crystal glass and a dry goods storage area. Moreover, the baskets themselves can be converted into chairs to make the picnic as comfortable as possible.

“The Mulliner Design Team’s talents extend beyond the cars themselves, from feature content inside to design-themed scale models and sculptures,” the team said in a statement.

California sand dunes-inspired stitching

As part of a launch event, the team drove to the California sand dunes to demonstrate what the vehicle was capable of. They drove on ice, over ravines and more during that event. And it was that journey that inspired Day to add elements of that terrain to the car.

“I’ve always been inspired by terrain to influence the interior,” Day told me. “So you’ll notice little mountains in how the inner stitching comes together. It’s a bit like the tracks going away on rough terrain. Plus we practically made a panel on the bottom of the door that’s a darker color. So if you’re off-road your shoes won’t accidentally leave a visible chafing mark.”

He added: “All the different travel elements always inspire us.”


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