How Erdogan threatens the citizens

EThere are a lot of things that make Istanbul one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Among all that makes the metropolis unique, the Bosphorus undoubtedly stands out. It’s wonderful to live in a city with such a body of water running through it. Until the 1970s, steamboats and ferries were the only way to cross the Bosporus, which forms the natural border between Asia and Europe. The first bridge connecting the two continents was built in 1973, the second in 1988. Since then, tolls have only been collected in one direction. This means that we only had to pay for the trip from the Anatolian side to Asia. The almost 50-year-old tradition has now changed thanks to Erdogan. To add to the budget devouring the palace, people in Istanbul are now paying both ways.

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How good if that was the only bad news to start the new year. But since January 1, the fire in our wallets has spread. Electricity bills have increased by almost 125%. This means that the price of electricity has climbed 370% over the past four years in the presidential system, which Erdogan had promised to “kick-start” the economy. It was not the current that struck us, but the palace regime. Natural gas also became fifty percent more expensive on January 1. In addition, a further increase in the price of gasoline is on its way to punish the cities where most of the voices go to the opposition. The opposition electorate expects the price to rise another fifteen percent. As the ? With a “green” pretext. A large part of the urban population of the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts votes for the opposition parties. The government claims that there is less consumption anyway because it is warmer, and that higher prices will then force people to keep saving electricity. What a great idea, isn’t it?

Higher than when you came to power

The price of fuel also rose nearly 40 percent last month. In 2021 alone, fuel has become 46 times more expensive. In one year, the price of a liter of gasoline has doubled. However, the government has yet to issue a statement under the slogan: “Prices have been raised to save fossil fuels.” As you know, drinking alcohol is more expensive in Turkey every day. Now the government has again increased the special taxes on alcohol and cigarettes to plug the hole in the budget. This means that smokers themselves only consume three cigarettes out of a twenty pack, while the palate smokes seventeen.

Bulent Mumay

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At the start of the two thousand years, the economic crisis caused by center-right governments played a key role in Erdogan’s rise to power. He left the Islamist party from which he came and founded a new party when the crisis erupted in 2001: the AKP, which he then brought to power in just one year. When he took office, he assumed an inflation rate of 29%. Under his auspices, it then fell to 6%, but it is now higher than when he came to power. According to controversial figures from the national statistics agency, inflation recently reached over 36%. However, real inflation is much higher. Sixty percent of citizens say prices have increased by more than one hundred percent.

In the hand of god

Erdogan came to power because of a crisis with the promise of economic stability. For a while, he was also able to increase the prosperity of the lower and middle classes. In the meantime, however, data from the poverty index and inflation show that the situation in the country is worse today than it was when it started. The poverty index, made up of all unemployment and inflation rates, has exceeded 47 percent according to recently released figures. This same index was 40% in 2002, when the AKP came to power and the effects of the 2001 crisis were felt.


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