Huge Aston Villa transfer deal that could go wired while Manchester United lie on hold

With Aston Villa only two weeks into the January transfer window, the hot topics on everyone’s lips are who to turn up next.

With the arrival of Philippe Coutinho, Lucas Digne and Keir Smith this week, Villa fans are wondering if another massive transfer awaits them.

Head coach Steven Gerrard has already been linked with Yves Bisuma’s move from Brighton, and that was predictably a question many fans wanted answered.

Will Brighton sell their prized assets amid strong interest in the villa or will they back off before the end of the month?

Aston Villa writer Ashley Press was on hand to answer your questions about all the transfers that can and cannot happen in what was truly an amazing window into Villa Park.

Here’s what he told fans in his regular Q and A match on Friday as Villa prepares to face Manchester United.

MB: Would you like some clarity on the position of playmaker CB if possible, speaking of Hause’s contract at the end of the season, will he be absent? Also, the case of Tyrone I remember seems to have some doubt in the minds of the SGs about the Captain’s future, so will they look for a new playmaker?

AP: Gerrard told us he wants Hause to stay and Villa has an option on the table for a one-year contract extension. However, it all depends on whether Hause wants to commit to knowing that opportunities remain limited, and hence the delay in settling his future. The ball is in Hause’s court here.

As for Mings, Gerrard has admired him since he took office in November. Liming has two years left on his current contract which will take him to the age of 31.

This summer, Villa will look to strengthen the center back division. Tuanzebe’s replacement options appear limited this month, although Gerrard doesn’t want another option if he can do so before February 1st.

WilkoAVFC: Are there other targets for the CDM tranche other than Kamara and Bassuma? Are we really going to wait until the end of the window to try and get Bisuma for £40-45m with the real possibility that we won’t get it and we might lose it all together?

AP: No other names in the frame came to light. Denis Zakaria has been tentatively linked due to his availability for less than £6m this month, but Man United are the favorites for that. I think the Soma deal can go through – albeit close to the deadline for the transition. Looks like it will start to rumble. Worried if Villa doesn’t sign the CDM this month, Wilco, and instead wait until summer? Could Douglas/Sanson Fill It Up?

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Tom Villa: Do you hear all the news about Chukwumeka Ash or is it just bullshit on Twitter?

AP: Hi Tom, I thought Gerrard’s comments were saying on Monday because he said he still doesn’t know what Carney is doing in terms of his future. He came out with an upward response earlier, wasn’t he behind the goalkeeper’s report that he had rejected a new deal amid a lack of playing time. I’ve questioned Gerrard since then, and it’s clear the manager wants him to stay. He has 18 months left on his current deal – there will be some big hitters from Europe who will be keen to take him. Gerrard urges him to commit to his future in Villa.

CraigM1981: I watched stories around us looking for a new goalkeeper, Sergio Rico of PSG and Robin Olsen of Chef Utd, reports say personal terms are in agreement for either of those? Does this mean that grandfather will lend or sell?

AP: This has surprised me a little bit now because I think Finland’s U23 player Sinisalo is fit. Villa wants three guards amid the uncertain Covid situations, I understand, while Martinez will be on assignment for Argentina later this month. But it looks like Steer might be getting out, I’m not sure to tell you the truth. I think Olsen now seems likely. Villa just makes sure they get enough coverage in case Martinez isn’t available. It all depends on whether Steer wants to play football and if there is a club in the Championship, maybe he needs a stopper to come along. We’ll see how you play.

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JTW2895: Do you find the invader’s deal a bit strange why lent him out when Gerrard said in the week that we were light on attacking options in the middle of the week?Also, think that Zakaria would be better with Bosoma especially since Bosoma has this legal case going on. Did you manage to do any digging on this? I know you mentioned in the last questions and answers you were going to ask.

AP : a little bit, JTW. But he was clearly not fond of imagination and had lost his way in a villa and needed this fresh start. Villa failed to agree on a fee for him with Purslow keen on a permanent transfer. Coutinho’s addition helps Villa’s options now, too. On Psuma’s legal case, I can’t say much but I can give you the latest finding from Sussex Police earlier this month: “A man in his forties from Brighton has been arrested on suspicion of sexual assault whose parole has been extended until Thursday Jan 27.

A man in his 20s, also from Brighton, who had been arrested on suspicion of sexual assault, has been released under investigation as investigations continue.

“It is not subject to any travel restrictions.”

Tails833: Do you think if we’re going to get a bassum this is the window to do that. We’ll have to pay top dollar, but in the summer all the big boys will be at his service due to the fact that he only has a year left on his contract. Zacharias is an interesting thing especially if its price is 6 million. Of course we will be in his favour, although I am afraid the Champions League team will be suitable for him. Olsen is a smart business if it does, but are we on the defensive as Tuanzabe is now gone.

AP: Yes, there is a feeling now or never; Momentum is strong with Villa at the moment away from Coutinho/Denni deals. Soma can imagine becoming a part of the revolution, if you wish, she is really ready to make her mark between now and May. Brighton will pay £45m in addition to Bisoma. Zacharias seems united. Olsen, yes, it’s cool and easy with Villa wanting three plugs, he’s also worked with Lange in Copenhagen so he knows him very well. As for the centre-back, Kerr Smith will tentatively move to the Villa Under-23 team. The center back market is limited this month, I expect Villa to handle it properly in the summer. Fortunately, Konsa’s injury record is very good. Will Hause sign a new deal, that is the question now in terms of coverage since he became a free agent in June.

AaronT77: A little concerned about Stevie J’s comments about Carney’s future. Is there any chance of him signing a new contract and if he leaves how will that affect the rest of the academy and their confidence to succeed at Villa?

AP: Carney’s comments were interesting to say the least. Yes, there is every chance of signing a new contract, but he undoubtedly wants guarantees about his playing time. There is a potential risk that if he is loaned and liked, he could sit on interest for 12 months and walk away for free next summer. Impact on the academy, I won’t read much into that. Look at Jacob Ramsey, beloved by Ken Kessler-Hayden, 16-year-old Josh Finney, training with the first team. Gerard called up Barry and others to take a closer look at them. He loves to promote young people – but he also loves to challenge them and see how they react, for example, when they are not engaged. Will they be motivated to prove him wrong in training? Or will they make a fuss?

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