I hope more Manchester United players talk like Cristiano Ronaldo

Ralph Rangnick has urged underperforming Manchester United players to start presenting their truths to each other like Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo warned this week that Manchester United’s “nightmare” season will continue unless the team solves their behavior problem. Rangnick believes other players should feel free to take the lead by not being afraid to speak their mind in the dressing room.

“We have a lot of great and talented players and that brings me back to what Cristiano said – we have to work and develop as a team together and if it is necessary to speak in a very direct way with the boys, it helps me a lot, even said the United interim coach before Saturday’s game at Aston Villa.” Cristiano, for example, or any of the other players directing that directly to the players on the pitch or in the dressing room, we’d welcome them to do that.

“I will do it myself as a coach – and my coaching staff in the video before and after the match – but we can only develop individual players if we develop team performance. It’s not just Cristiano, we have Edinson [Cavani]We have Harry [Maguire]We have quite a few older players, David de Gea in goal, Victor Lindelof, Bruno [Fernandes].

“We have enough older players who can not only be role models in training, on the court and in games, but also in all the conversations that happen in the locker room or when they are together at the hotel for outdoor games or home games. This is a must. That happens. In a unified team, it happens automatically and I can just invite and challenge and tell all the players, as well as the older players, to do it on a regular basis because it helps more with the team that we have right now.”

Ronaldo seemed to wonder if some of the younger players could accept criticism and encouraged them to heed the advice of more experienced members of the squad. Rangnick agreed that a change of mentality was needed at the club and urged the young players to be as professional as possible in their battle for fourth place.

“I think this has to happen in every training session and in every match, and of course it also has to do with what happens after the situations during the match,” Rangnick said. “If things don’t go the right way, you have to act a certain way. It’s also about being a role model – not only the older ones like Cristiano but also the younger ones and how you handle these situations. In the end, it’s a team sport… where we have to play Together, the older players and the young players have to play as a team and they have to be united on the pitch.”

Rangnick said he would pull any player he felt was not putting in enough effort. “If one of our players in the game doesn’t do their best and put every effort into it, I will remedy that, you can rest assured of that. Until now I haven’t seen that,” he said.

Alan Shearer has approached Marcus Rashford in an attempt to help the England striker during his sharp decline in form and Rangnick said he is watching the player. “I think in the first 20 minutes against the Villa [in the FA Cup on Monday] He was good, he was on fire, he was emotionally involved but after the first 30 minutes his condition got worse and he didn’t play at the same level of activity,” said Rangnick.

“We need to talk about it. I do it regularly. Does he need a helping hand? What does that take? So I don’t see any player who doesn’t care about the club or doesn’t want to give their best and highest possible level.”


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