“I will train fully at Ajax again”

Shawn Kleiber will soon return to full training at Ajax. This is what the right-back says to general newspaper. Kleiber sustained a serious knee injury at the end of July and has had to undergo rehab since then. In his own words, he’s right on schedule and the defender will soon be back in the group of players.

“Twirl, run, shoot, long balls. Basically everything is there, but not at full power,” says Kleiber when asked what he could do again. “We’re five months away and I’m on schedule. Physicists say it looks good. Tests show it too. I’ll be fully training at Ajax again. I also want to be with the group again. The most important stage of the season is approaching. I just don’t want to try it, I also want to contribute to that while training. If all goes according to plan, I’ll be back this season. I just can’t and won’t force it.

Kleiber also thinks it’s important to be mentally strong during his injury: “I didn’t grow up that way. Never give up, stay positive and keep goingI’ve always heard. As I thought of my father. He was a tough guy who said it like it is. He used to get up at four every day. He didn’t get home until five in the afternoon. Should I whistle as an Ajax player? These life lessons have helped me. Also, my wife, mother, and best friend refer to me as such. I do not allow myself to be known. This injury will not reach me.

The Ajax right-back has recovered at the KNVB Medical Center and not in Ajax. Klaiber had reasons for this: “I know the doctor and you can talk to the men in the same boat. This helps, because they are already advanced and know what to expect. In the club, you always see your teammates who can do everything on the field. Can mentally nibble. I wanted to avoid that.

Clipper has a “minor” connection with Tin Hag and Overmars

Kleber was unable to attend Ajax’s Champions League matches due to his injury and he regrets that: ‘You want to be in such great matches. You want to be able to celebrate that with the group. I found that very difficult. The defender is still in great contact with the group, but with Erik ten Hag and Marc Overmars? “A little,” Kleiber says. “The coach has a lot on his page and he’s busy with the team. I don’t need to hear a lot from them too. I’m an independent kid. I follow my own path, whether they text me or call me.

Ajax acquired Kleiper in the summer of 2020 and the right-back remains in place until the summer of 2023. Kleiber has not yet discussed what will happen after his injury and whether Ajax is counting on him: ‘No, we haven’t discussed that yet. I suppose so. Last summer, the clubs were interested. Before they became cement, I was not allowed to leave Ajax. Then came the injury. I don’t think about the long term. First, I want to make sure I come back leaner and more explosive. Then we’ll see.

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