Ihattaren got the same supervisor as Balotelli: ‘I’ve never experienced this before’

Fri Jan 14, 2022 at 11:19 am• Jordi Tomasowa • Last Update: 11:34

Schord Musso says Mehmet Ihtarine received personal instruction in Sampdoria. journalist in general newspaper He studied the midfielder’s situation last year and was surprised when he gave an interview to the former PSV Eindhoven player telegraph read. Ihtarine noted that he was left entirely to his own devices in Sampdoria and that he was not paid, either.

“I talked to a lot of people at the time, who outlined and told a lot about it, exactly how it went and where it went wrong,” Musso says in the interview. AD Football Podcast. In that light, his story frankly surprises me. I miss the hand in my lap, to say the least. He painted a little reality as if it had been left to his own devices, as if he had been taken on a train to Italy and nobody had taken care of him. My information was very different at the time, because I spoke to the people who accompanied him.”

Where Ihattaren indicated he was not properly supervised, Musso mentioned that the Sampdoria midfielder had a personal supervisor. “Someone who would help him with all sorts of things, with housing, insurance etc. This was the same guy who had done that for Mario Balotelli for years. Balotelli also had a personal assistant, who now has the Ihattaren file thrown in his lap. He passed This man a lot, but it never happened. Once he took his hands off her. He couldn’t reach him or he didn’t come, that was very difficult. We can’t say who is to blame, and whether that attendant is good or not, no I can judge. But there were definitely guidelines.”

In the interview with telegraph He told Ihattaren that he was left entirely to his own devices in Sampdoria. “I couldn’t stand it anymore. All sorts of agreements were not fulfilled. Like I don’t exist. Nothing was arranged, no bank account or insurance. Then I chose myself, protect myself and left.” Sampdoria immediately responded to the interview on Thursday. President Marco Lana denied all the midfielder’s words. “It’s all bullshit, it’s big lies,” Lana said. The whole interview was a lie. Everyone here in Sampdoria is saying it’s not true.”

The Italian club is now considering legal action against Ihattaren. “There was never a dispute with the technical staff and the first team,” the statement read. These are imaginary and baseless accusations. Therefore, Sampdoria reserves the right to take measures to protect the club’s image and recover the damages that have occurred.”

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