Johnson still under pressure: lockdown parties ahead of Prince Philip’s funeral

Status: 01/14/2022 3:50 a.m.

Prime Minister Johnson is still under pressure: The day before Prince Philip’s funeral, dozens of his employees are said to have celebrated two lockdown parties at the official residence – despite strict corona rules. According to the newspaper report, he was not there.

On the eve of Queen Consort Prince Philip’s funeral in April, dozens of UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s employees are said to have celebrated two lockdown parties at his official residence. As reported by the Daily Telegraph, a total of around 30 people participated. We were drinking alcohol and people were dancing. At that time, strict contact and distance rules applied due to the corona pandemic.

Due to the settlement, the Queen had to sit on her own in the chapel at her Windsor residence the next day when her husband, whom she had been married to for 73 years, was buried there. The photo of the lonely queen was one of the defining impressions of the pandemic.

After 73 years of marriage, Queen Elizabeth II had to say goodbye to her husband – because of the pandemic, she was far from her family.

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The indignation is great. “While she was in mourning, Number 10 celebrated,” said Liberal Democrat Leader Ed Davey. Even though Johnson himself did not attend the parties on April 16, 2021, and was also not present at Downing Street, he will be held accountable for the behavior of his employees.

“I have no words to describe the culture and behavior of No 10,” said deputy leader of the largest opposition party, Labor, Angela Rayner. The fish stinks from the head. It is the first party of confinement at the seat of government dating from 2021 that is made known. So far, several celebrations in May and December 2020 had gone public.

A report from Monday caused a lot of problems. According to this, Johnson’s office manager invited around 100 employees to a garden party on May 20, 2020. He stressed, “Bring your own booze.”

Johnson apologized to Parliament on Wednesday for the impression that those who set the corona rules are not sticking to them. He admitted to being present in the garden for 25 minutes on May 20, 2020. According to his impression, it was a business meeting. In retrospect, Johnson said he was wrong. However, he requested that the result of an ongoing internal investigation be awaited before any conclusions can be drawn. The opposition has already called for his resignation, as have some MPs from Johnson’s Conservative Party.

No denial for the moment

Due to the proximity of the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral, which is extremely popular with the public, the now-famous celebrations are particularly dangerous for Johnson. Downing Street did not deny the parties, as reported by the BBC.

Former Johnson communications director James Slack gave a farewell speech thanking his employees, a spokesperson said. She did not go into detail. According to “Telegraph”, the second farewell concerned a personal photographer of the Prime Minister.

As of mid-April 2021, strict distancing rules were in place, members of different households were not allowed to meet in closed rooms. As the newspaper reports, an adviser to Johnson was temporarily in charge of the music. Several bottles of wine were brought in a suitcase from a nearby supermarket as supplies. One participant used his son’s swing in the garden of Johnson’s official residence and broke it. The two initially separated events would have merged around midnight.

Article in the context of the struggle for power?

Commentators assessed the Telegraph article, which is actually Johnson’s in-house journal and for which the 57-year-old himself worked, as part of the power struggle over the prime minister’s future . Johnson has been trying with all his might for days to rally supporters. If 15% of the 360 ​​conservative deputies vote against the Prime Minister, the parliamentary group will vote of no confidence.

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