Liverpool has a new move for Jurgen Klopp that could change everything with the emergence of a radical “guarantee”.

Liverpool looked desperate for creativity against a lower defensive block from Arsenal on Thursday night, and they will need to quickly put those problems behind them before the end of the week.

On Sunday afternoon, Brentford’s Thomas Frank came to Anfield in the Premier League and would come up with a similar match plan even without the red card carrying Granit Xhaka in their ranks.

Earlier today, during his press conference, Jurgen Klopp described Brentford’s best playmaker as a goalkeeper – not just a drill, but an indication that he knows well how to set them up.

With that in mind, Liverpool will need to prepare; The Reds will need to learn very quickly from the mistakes they made in the Carabao Cup, and have more scoring chances next time – just three days later.

Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane will not be present, nor will Naby Keita. Harvey Elliott is making good progress after his injury but he is no longer in team coaching yet.

The team that Klopp chooses for the match with Brentford will be largely identical to the team that faced Arsenal, so solutions must be found within it.

The man Liverpool will turn to should be fairly clear. Indeed, it was odd that he had not been called up earlier against Arsenal, not least when the visitors went down to 10 men.

At Curtis Jones, Liverpool have a creator who seemed more likely than all the others huddled together to come up with some magic on Thursday, and the first name should almost be on the team sheet at the weekend.

In the half-hour Jones played against Arsenal’s powerful defensive block, the 20-year-old fired the Reds’ only shot on target and created the most chances of anyone coming into Andy Robertson’s path – the left-back has been working alongside.

Roberto Firmino and Diogo Jota played three times as well as Jones played last night, but the former only had nine more touches to the ball in total, and the latter only four more.

Jones was more likely than all the others to come up with something, and while not all of his forward passes were affected, he was the one to blame for a through pass or come up with a trick that could tempt a defender.

His ability to go left or right may be crucial when teams are sitting in and across the course of an entire game, you’d expect he would have found a chance or two more than, say, James Milner, for a teammate or for himself.

Do that of course, and then it’s up to the player to have the chance to finish it – which doesn’t guarantee shots in the cup on Thursday – but regularly creating those chances is the first. A step towards the outcome of Liverpool’s desire.

To give themselves the best possible chance to right their mistakes against Arsenal in the match with Brentford, Liverpool simply had no other choice but to trust Curtis Jones from the start.


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