Merel and Judith practice “drinking more”: “Don’t stop drinking if you don’t feel like it” | My guide

Merel Braakman (47) and Judith Renard (46) are the founders of No Wine Today, a program for learning to manage alcohol more consciously, not just during Dry January.

Why did you launch No Wine Today?
Merel Braakman (MB): ,, Our mission is to educate people about their alcohol consumption. Our unique method of slowly changing your mindset about alcohol, they follow not just in January, but for 30 or 63 days. It’s about thinking about why you are drinking; it has often become a habit. We don’t advise anyone to quit completely if you don’t want to, but we want to show people that you become a better version of yourself if you stop drinking indiscriminately. “

Judith Renard (JR): ,, Every day you receive lots of tips by email, such as mocktail recipes and access to our success tools, such as a departure calendar. Don’t count until you can drink again, but until you become a more conscious drinker.

What is the biggest benefit of more conscious consumption?
JR: You suddenly have a lot more time and energy to do other things. “
MB: ,, The disappearance of belly fat, or beer belly or wine belly, and a fitter body is a nice side effect.

Is Alcohol The New Eating Less Meat?
JR: ,, It is more and more accepted not to drink all the time. There are also more and more tasty soft drinks, like Nona June’s gin, and bubbles, for example Patty Brard’s Bruud 0%.
MB: ,, We are only at the beginning; In two years, conscious drinking will be just as trendy as eating less meat is now. You don’t have to be an alcoholic to cut down on your alcohol intake. “

Are more people registering in January?
JR: ,, Then we will see a peak, but we will also see it after the summer vacation. You can participate all year round. 80% have good intentions and only 17% stick to them. With our method, everyone lasts.
MB: ,, What helps is that you pay for our program, because people want to finish it too. “

Are you actually doing Dry January yourself?
JR: ,, I drank a delicious glass of champagne on New Years Eve.
MB: ,, Regarding winter sports in France, I drank a glass of good Sancerre in the sun and I consciously enjoyed it enormously. Drinking instead of thinking, that’s what it is.

Here’s what a month without alcohol does to your body:

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