My mother was shocked by Koman

Saturday January 15, 2022 at 08:49• Last update: 09:24

Mohamed Ihtarin still supports his selection for the Dutch national team. It was Ronald Koeman who ensured that the midfielder did not have to consider choosing between Orange and the Moroccan national team in November 2019. The then-national coach came to De Herdgang to speak with Ihattaren. “When he was sitting at the table in front of me, I immediately hit my knee under the table: that would be a yes,” the midfielder said on Saturday. telegraph.

Ihtarin postponed his choice at that time due to the condition of his ailing father, who has since passed away. He still looks positively at the meeting with Koeman and his family. “Ronald is a cow man. If there is such a person who suits you, he can steal from you the opinion of anyone else, ”emphasizes the midfielder. My mother was there and she was completely shocked. She has been watching football all her life. Who does not know Koman? She was shocked because she saw it in front of her eyes, it was a really beautiful moment.”

Itarin was also called up to the Dutch national team at that time, but in the end he did not make his debut. Due to his difficult situation at Eindhoven, Frank de Boer, Koeman’s successor who left for Barcelona, ​​chose not to choose Ihtaarin. However, Ihattaren also did not make his debut with the Dutch Juniors and there was also a streak through the European Under-21 Championship. De Boer spoke with Ihattaren when he visited De Herdgang. “I thought it was neat. He said: ‘You are not called up now, you play too little and you have problems with the coach.'”

“So I thought: No problem, I’ll be in Jong Orangi anyway and I’m going to catch fire there. But it turns out I wasn’t even in the pre-selection for the European Youth Championship. The choice. I was shocked. Did you think about choosing Morocco later? If you make my choice, I make my decision This choice came from my heart.” National coach Erwin van de Loy also witnessed great competition in the Dutch youth ranks for Ihtaren, who had not played under him before. So he chose reliable names in the European championships.

De Boer said in March last year: “Irwin explained it well, but it’s very sad that Mo was also left out of the selection there. The ball is now in Moe’s court. I’m convinced he will too. I hope in the coming weeks we see Mo who spins.” On all our minds again.” However, Ihattaren played his last match in professional football on April 24 last year: a seven-minute substitute in the match between PSV Eindhoven and Groningen (1-0). He left for Juventus for 1.9 million euros, which stored the young player directly in Sampdoria.

Things went wrong at the club from Genoa. The playmaker said he was on his own and decided to return to the Netherlands in October without consulting. Upon his return, Ihattaren has converted clients – he’s replaced Mino Raiola with Ali Dursun – and now he’s working on a comeback. There are rumors that Ihattaren will play on lease for FC Utrecht, the club from his hometown, for a year and a half.

“My mother even asked me: Do you still play football? You don’t understand anything anymore,” Ihtarin says in the newspaper. “But I want to change that quickly. So I have to look in the mirror. I want to succeed at the absolute top so my mom knows I’m a son and a great athlete she can be proud of.”

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