“My name is Kovid and I am not a virus”: How the pandemic changed the life of a businessman

Kovid Kapoor with the Indian flag at a stadium (undated photo). He has been covid-positive since 1990, that is to say since his birth.

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Constant misunderstandings, jokes at his expense and confusion. India’s Kovid Kapoor’s life has been different since the onset of the corona pandemic.

The Indian has reported on his life since the start of the pandemic and caused a stir. The most common difficulty being a covid is explaining one’s name, the businessman told the German News Agency (dpa). His posts on the social media platform Twitter repeatedly get a large number of likes.

Kovid Kapoor: What does his name mean

In fact, you pronounce your name with a soft “d”, not a harsh one like in “Covid”. The name, which comes from the ancient Indian Sanskrit language, means “scholar”.

Kovid recounts his life since the start of the pandemic mainly on Twitter. Fun because of his name was great on his first trip abroad since the virus outbreak. The Google search engine constantly believes that it misspelled its own name.

What Kovid Kapoor got for his birthday

Kovid tells another anecdote about his birthday. Friends allegedly ordered a cake when she turned 30. The pastry shop then wrote “Happy birthday, # covid-30” on it. In the meantime, a tiramisu with the real name had been sent to him as an excuse for the misstep, Kovid continued.

Kovid Kapoor holds a bottle of Corona beer in his hand.

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Meanwhile, a network of other people with the name has emerged on Twitter. Kovid educated, Kapoor continues. The name is relatively rare. The World Health Organization (WHO) said two years ago that it wanted to find a name for the virus that did not refer to a person or a group of people, a geographic region or an animal. ..

Kovid also had Corona

Kovid himself was already corona positive. He probably got infected at the vaccination appointment at the vaccination center.

Kapoor noted at the start of the Corona-pandemic clear on Twitter: “My name is Kovid and I am not a virus”. Today, he says he thinks it’s good that the pandemic has given him the opportunity to tell jokes. It was Covid-positive“Since 1990 – since its birth. He is convinced that the jokes about his name will stay with him for a long time.

But above all, he hopes that the pandemic will be over soon.

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