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The Omikron wave hit Germany and many other countries. In the Federal Republic of Germany, well over half of all infections indicate the variant.

  • Omikron: The corona mutation is responsible for increasing numbers around the world. In Germany, too, it accounts for the vast majority of infections. (see update of January 13, 9:20 p.m.).
  • American expert Anthony Fauci is certain: the new variant will affect almost everyone (see original report).
  • This Ticker info for Omikron variant is continuously updated.

Update January 13, 9:20 p.m .: The omicron mutation is also spreading rapidly in Germany. The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) Weekly Report shows that, according to federal state report data, in the first calendar week of the year, 73% of the corona evidence examined for the variants was attributed to the variant initially discovered in South Africa. According to this data source, Omikron is the predominant Corona variant in Germany. The previous week, the proportion was 51%. These data take into account both evidence by genetic analysis and suspected cases by so-called variant-specific PCR tests.

The results from another source, a random sample, are more meaningful, but less up-to-date than the report data: only the results of complete genetic analyzes of randomly selected samples are included here. According to the RKI report, Omikron’s share in the last week of 2021 was around 40%. This is about a doubling from the previous week.

Lauterbach predicts other mutations and advocates compulsory vaccination

Update January 13 at 1:30 p.m .: Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach has urgently called for new vaccinations given the rapid rise in corona infections. For anyone who wants a vaccination booster, the vaccine is available, the SPD politician said in the Bundestag on Thursday. “This campaign can cause the Omikron’s wall to ripple up a steep hill or at least limit the height of the wall.”

Lauterbach again promoted the introduction of a general mandatory corona vaccination. It is “the safest and fastest way out of the pandemic”. . Because it is necessary Dangerous and particularly contagious variants can also be expected in the future. Therefore, compulsory vaccination should be introduced – thoroughly, but timed so that a fourth pandemic year does not have to be opened as is currently the case.

Health Minister Karl Lauterbach speaks at a press conference on the current situation in Corona (file photo). © Kay Nietfeld / dpa

Update January 12, 10 p.m .: How reliably do rapid antigenic tests show infection with the Omicron variant? Initial lab results showed that “many tests do not even detect highly positive samples, even though the patients the samples were taken from were most likely already contagious,” says virologist Isabella Eckerle in an interview with Wirtschaftswoche. The scientist, who conducts research in Geneva, warns: “Anyone who sits in a restaurant now risks an omicron infection despite all hygiene measures.”

Omicron Wave: Modelers – 90% of all infections caused by coronavirus variants

Update January 12, 8 p.m .: How much did the Omikron variant hit in Germany? According to pharmacy professor and model maker Thorsten Lehr, Omikron is already likely to account for around 90% of all new corona infections in Germany.

The north is already badly affected, and over the next two weeks the variant of the virus will also spread further west and south, the professor of clinical pharmacy at the University of Saarland explained in an interview with the Deutschlandfunk (Dlf). On the other hand, he’s worried about the East, “because we still have low vaccination rates here,” Lehr said and predicted, “Omikron is now really getting started.”

Omikron Wave: Report from Norway – Much lower risk of hospitalization than Delta

Update January 12, 6 p.m .: In the event of infection with the Omikron variant of the coronavirus *, according to calculations by the Norwegian health authorities, the risk of hospitalization is 69% lower than that of infection with the Delta variant. The Norwegian health institute FHI explained this on Wednesday in its weekly report on the corona pandemic. The FHI report explicitly stated: “The Omikron variant has a significantly lower risk than the Delta variant of developing a severe form of the disease in infected people – at least if they are vaccinated. “

According to the FHI, the Omikron variant was detected in 32% of corona patients hospitalized in Norway during the first week of 2022. Four weeks earlier, the proportion was 1.7 percent. During the same period, however, the variant had spread to a large portion of infections and recently accounted for around 90 percent of new infections.

Omikron wave: Virologist – booster vaccination protects “relatively well against Omikron infection”

Update January 12, 4 p.m .: One of the current questions of the coronavirus pandemic is whether the Omicron variant bypasses vaccinations.

“Yes, to a certain extent. Not 100 percent – especially with a new booster vaccination you are still relatively well protected against infection with Omikron. Not quite as good as against a delta infection, but also significantly better than if the booster was six months ago, ”says virologist Martin Stürmer in an interview with “In this regard, the vaccination booster is not free, but it is the best protection against infection by Omikron. Therefore, I can only advise you to take advantage of the offers. “

Update January 12, 2 p.m .: School is starting up again in Germany as the number of corona increases. Health professionals are talking about how dangerous it is for children and what omicron symptoms to watch out for.

Omikron wave dramatically changes situation in US – expert expresses drastic fears

Original notification dated January 12, 2022: Washington – The Corona * pandemic has firmly controlled the world and Germany for two years. On Wednesday January 12, the Robert Koch Institute confirmed a new and sad record of infection in Germany. Above all, the new variant of Corona Omikron is currently causing an increasing number of infections. The American expert Anthony Fauci is certain: the particularly contagious mutation will affect almost everyone.

Omicron wave covers the world: will the corona mutation actually affect almost everyone?

“With the extraordinary and unprecedented efficiency of the transmission, Omikron will finally find almost everyone,” the immunologist and presidential adviser said Tuesday (January 11). The Corona * mutation could also affect people who have been vaccinated. But most of them wouldn’t hurt.

Serious infections or even hospital treatment are less likely with Omikron. Fauci explained this in an interview with think tank Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS). The worst will hit those who are still unvaccinated, the expert said. An omicron wave is currently raging in the United States as well. 208 million people are fully vaccinated there, or nearly 63% of the population. 76 million people have received a vaccination booster to date.

Omicron mutation soars numbers: U.S. hit hard

Fauci’s testimony came just hours after a similar warning from acting U.S. FDA chief Janet Woodcock. “It’s hard to deal with what’s really going on right now, which is that most people will get Covid,” she told Omikron during a hearing in the US Senate. “We have to make sure that hospitals are still functioning, that transportation and other essential services are not disrupted while this is happening,” said Woodcock.

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky told the hearing that Omikron “is taking the number of cases to unprecedented levels here in the United States and around the world.” On average, over the past seven days, there have been about 750,000 new confirmed infections per day in the United States, according to CDC data.* is an offer of IPPEN.MEDIA

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