New Zealander walks around with a cockroach in his ear for three days: “It made me sick” | Abroad

40-year-old New Zealander Zane Wedding walked around for three days with a cockroach in his ear. The animal had settled in the ear after a swim. “When I walked around, I immediately felt dizzy. “

It all started after Wedding took a dip in her local swimming pool in Auckland, New Zealand on Friday. When he got home, he felt like his ear was plugged. “I used drops to remove it,” he told the American news channel. CNN. “When I woke up my ear was still stuffed up, so I went straight to the doctor.”

However, the doctor did not spot the cockroach – thinking it could be water trapped in the man’s ear, and advised him to go home and use a hair dryer to dry it. “I spent most of the weekend lying on my side, or with a hairdryer in my ear,” says Wedding. “When I lay down I could hear the water moving around my eardrum.”

A boiled cockroach in the ear

He tried everything to reduce the sensation: “Wet ears, jump on one leg, chew gum, I went for a run – whatever I could think of to clear my ear.” Sunday evening, the commotion stopped, but the ear was still closed. Wedding made an appointment with an ENT doctor on Monday.

When the doctor looked into her ear, according to Wedding, she immediately said, “Oh my God, I think you have a bug in your ear.” Marriage: ,, Then I realized that all the movements I had felt in my ear over the weekend were from the cockroach moving in my ear. I immediately thought of pumping hot air into my ear, cooking a cockroach in my ear for a weekend. It made me nauseous. “


This is why the water moved even when I was sitting still. It was a cockroach moving in my head

Zane wedding

The doctor removed the cockroach within five minutes. ,, Once I knew it was an insect, everything fell into place … That’s why the water moved even when I was sitting still. It was a cockroach moving in my head.

It is more common for animals like cockroaches to crawl into their ears. In 2018, Katie Holley, 29, from the US state of Florida, walked with the animal in her ear for nine days. And in 2015, no less than 26 cockroaches were found in the ear of a 19-year-old Chinese worker, Li: a large and 25 small newborns.

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