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His attorney, Nicholas Wood, has announced that he is now appealing against the withdrawal of his visa. Djokovic wants to file an appeal on Friday so as not to waste any time. “Every minute counts before the tournament starts on Monday,” Wood said. Wood called Hook’s decision “illogical” and criticized the minister’s announcement on Friday.

The world’s No. 1 was stopped at the airport upon his arrival in Melbourne last week. It is said that Djokovic does not have sufficient evidence as to why he was granted a medical exemption to enter Australia without a vaccine against Corona. The Serbian went to court and Kelly ruled on Monday that Djokovic could stay in Australia. Immigration Minister Alex Hook decided on Friday, after days of deliberation, to take advantage of his power and revoke Djokovic’s visa. The statement said Hook made the decision “because it is in the public interest.”

The saga surrounding the visa and vaccination status of the Serbian No. 1 player in men’s tennis has been stirring things up for some time now. The tennis player traveled to Australia with a medical exemption, allowing him to enter the country without a vaccine against Corona. However, Djokovic was locked up in the “Corona Hotel” after arriving at Melbourne Airport because his visa was not valid. The Serb successfully appealed this decision in court, but Hook said the case was not over for him. He indicated that from his position he has the power to cancel Djokovic’s visa. Hook announced an additional investigation and soon several irregularities surfaced.

Tennis reporter Tijmin Lincink explained last week why there is so much criticism of Novak Djokovic’s handling of the coronavirus. The text continues below the video

Unvaccinated Djokovic admitted, among other things, that he made a “miscalculation” when he collaborated in an interview he gave to French magazine L’Equipe in mid-December. That conversation took place two days after he tested positive for the coronavirus, according to the now-known documents. The journalist on duty knows nothing about it.

Djokovic also provided “misleading information” when filling out Australian entry forms. For example, the best tennis player checks that he has not traveled to Melbourne within the fourteen days prior to departure. However, the Serb was spotted in Spain at the end of last month. Djokovic spoke of a mistake made by his agent and apologized. However, there is a penalty in Australia for providing false or misleading information. Spain is also now studying possible violations of the Spanish Corona Protocol by Serbs.

After the judge’s ruling, Hawke needed a relatively long time to come to a decision. According to Australian media, the minister has received conflicting reports, both internally and externally, about the legal feasibility of his planned decision. The Minister first wanted to investigate this matter carefully before taking the action he had taken definitively.

So Djokovic was “naturally” included in Thursday’s draw. He will face compatriot Miomir Kekmanovic in the first round, but the nine-time winner of the Australian Open now has to leave the country.

Djokovic was chasing his 21st Grand Slam win in Melbourne, making him the only record holder. He now shares this record with Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. The latter will play on the famous tennis courts in Melbourne next week.

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