Online transfer – Martin van den Brink still gives a lot of gas on the last day

JEDDAH – Martin van den Brink gave a little gas on the last day of the Dakar Rally. Team Mammoet Rallysport rider De Rooy Iveco crossed the line for the sixth time. Minor mistake, however, canceled the bill afterwards.

Martin van den Brink seemed the fastest man on De Roy’s team. “It went well. We made good gas.” However, the orange formation witnessed the change of sixth place to ninth place after a time penalty of two minutes.

“We received a two-minute penalty for speeding. Yes, we drove very fast in an area where that is not allowed.” The experienced driver from Harskamp demonstrated his speed and drive in the 164-kilometer rapid test. “It was good to finish the race well.”

Martin, Peter Willemsen and Bernhard der Children are pleased to bid farewell to the event in Saudi Arabia. “I’m happy with today’s results and what we’ve learned about the truck,” said Martin, whose 14th Dakar Rally ended. “Sixth is my best result in the standings. Yes, I’m very happy.” “Plus, of course, I’m very proud of the accomplishments of Mitchell, Richard and Burt,” says Harcamp enthusiast Dakar.

Christmas cake icing

Mitchell van den Brink put icing on his birthday cake. Ranked 10th in both the recent private and general classification A sincere congratulations to the 20-year-old Harskamper. “It went really fast today. We came to a stop and hit some twigs and bushes here and there. The truck didn’t make it to the finish unscathed. We broke the windshield and there are some scrapes,” said Mitchell, smiling, who made an excellent impression as a quick assistant on Petronas Team De Rooy Iveco. Tenth place in the final standings exceeds all expectations and gives hope for the future of sports.

“We are very happy with 10th. Everyone from the De Rooy team was waiting for us at the end. That was a really great welcome. We are now going to wash the truck and go to the podium with a nice feeling. Good feeling to be back in the rally. After some minor issues in the first week, it was last week Excellent. Collaboration with Richard Moe and Bert van Donkellar was perfect. Looking forward to the future.”

Four drivers in the top ten

With four drivers in the top ten, Team De Rooy Iveco successfully concluded the 2022 Dakar Rally book. Fifth place for Janus van Kasteren, best behind four unreachable Kamaz drivers. Sixth place for Martin van den Brink with his best result ever. Eighth place for Vick Versteijnen, who performed his role as a substitute excellently. And “last but not least” took 10th place for Mitchell van den Brink. A quick assistant in the top ten, it can be called exciting.

After the twelfth and final stage, there were only positive votes from the Team De Rooy Iveco camp. The last special offer on the way to Jeddah did not cause many changes in the rankings. Vick Versteijnen was one of the few who had to give up a place in the last kilometres. Seventh place is in the hands of Martin Masek. The Czech led his “Life Test” and finished seventh, 23 seconds ahead of Vic Verstijnen, Theon van Daal and Randy Smets. “Yes, that’s how things can go in the Dakar Rally,” said the realist Verstijnen. “No, I’m certainly not disappointed.”

Windshield shattered

On the last day, Vick Iveco Powerstar was not spared. “We really did everything we could. It was a quick test. On sandy roads we had to pay attention to the rocks along the way. We traveled hard. Also on tight sections with trees. We also smashed the windshield. Yes,” we gave ​​Everything and we only had at least 23 seconds of Macik. We are still very satisfied. We would definitely have subscribed to this in advance. I came to the start untrained and unprepared. I’ve never driven a new truck before. Randy was also the first time in the truck competition. Just like Teun, he did a great job. It was perfectly fine in the cabin. I look back with satisfaction. We had a great rally with a good team De Rooy,” said Vick who finished sixth on the stage to become the fastest Dutch player.

Left in you a lot of dust

Janus van Kastern, Marcel Snigers and Darek Rodwald finished fifth in the standings today. Behind the defending champion Sotnikov and his loyal lieutenants Nikolaev, Shebalov and Kargenov, the team in the colors of the Petronas de Roy Iveco team, without the misfortune of the Russian camp, could not make any progress. The 35-year-old driver from Veldhoven didn’t have much to gain and played an important role in the team’s tactics today.

Van Kasteren started ahead of his teammate Vick Versteijnen and paved the way to give Vick some free space and make her less affected by the dust. We quickly moved to the side after the start. We left Vic ahead and waited for the dust to settle down a bit, but then Loprais arrived. There was a lot of dust. Then we relaxed. We got the truck home very well and finished this stage quietly. The three of us are really happy with fifth As it was said before, there is nothing else in it at the moment.”

However, the motivated Van Kasteren does not simply give in to the second plan. The future is already calling attention in his head. “We’ll celebrate that result first, but I’m already thinking about next year. I’ll try to drive a bit more and know what needs to be done to improve the trucks,” Janos said, noting that Le Dakar was not done yet. From “Big Boss from Brabant.”

The men of Team De Roy took to the podium in Jeddah in the afternoon to receive their medals. The rally team will return to the Netherlands from Saudi Arabia tomorrow.


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