PEC Zwolle – Willem II Preview

PEC Zwolle – Willem II is the Blauwvingers’ first official game after the winter break on Friday night. In fact, the Eredivisie starts the new year in Zwolle. For PEC Zwolle, the goal is crystal clear: to keep it. Head coach/coach Dick Schroeder needs a fair number of points for this. The first three must be achieved on Friday.

training camp

It was a turbulent first week for the Dutch clubs who were preparing for the second half of the season. Not the first time, coronavirus was a problem. For this reason, long before the end of the year, PEC Zwolle decided to cancel the traditional winter training camp on the southern Spanish coast. Instead, tents are pitched near the house, in Epe to be precise. Familiar territory, because blue toes usually stay there for a week even in summer. This way, despite the bad weather, Schroeder’s selection was able to focus fully on the second half of the season.

New arrivals

In addition to the training camp, PEC Zwolle also introduced new players in the first week of the new year. First of all, there was Osama Derflo on January 3rd. The Algerian striker came to Vitesse in 2018, as Algeria’s top scorer in the Netherlands. To date, Darvalo has played 93 matches here and scored 19 goals. This season, Darvalo has played twelve league games for Vitesse and has played in four of the six conference league group games. PEC Zwolle hired the player for the remainder of the season from Vitesse and so Darvalo met up with Schroeder, who has already worked under him this season.

A day later, Max de Waal followed the second offensive reinforcements. De Waal, who turned 20 last Tuesday, has played the first half of the season for Jung Ajax, who are fifth in the Kitchen Champions League. There, the player, who can also play in the center of the field, entered all 20 matches. In this, the striker scored a total of nine times and was crowned the winter top scorer for Jung Ajax.


With these two newcomers, the PEC Zwolle should definitely look better up front than it did in the early part of the competition. In addition to the newcomers, Sai van Wermeskerken once again joined the selection. The right-back has since recovered from a serious knee injury he suffered last year and spent the first minutes again on Saturday in the losing training match against Feyenoord (3-1). In addition to all that positive news, there were also two players on the decline, not least for the self-aware players. For Sam Christine, the season is over. Almendeker has a knee injury and needs joint surgery, so dedicating playing minutes is no longer an option this season. Samir Laghsir is also not in any matches this season. The attacking midfielder has also sustained a serious knee injury and will also have to undergo surgery.


Willem II is eager to get points, just like PEC Zwolle. With eighteen points from many matches, Brabant’s players are on average one to one, at the start of this season Fred Grimm’s side was still between Ajax, PSV Eindhoven and Feyenoord. Tricolores’ last victory dates back to September 25, when PSV Eindhoven surprisingly won at home (2-1). He also stopped in the cup after one round. To start the new year with hope, the Tillberger family will do everything they can to set up a series.


PEC Zwolle – Willem II leads referee Jeroen Manschot. The assistant referees are Eric Klingan and Frans Ozinga. The official is Luke Timmer. The VAR in the Zeist is Erwin Blank. Angelo Bunman helps him.

Live on ESPN

PEC Zwolle – Willem II can be watched live on ESPN, Channel 2 from 8pm. Until then, you can read the program brochure here. In it, coach/coach Dick Schroeder and captain Bram Van Boelen had their say.

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