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Feyenoord resumes the competition on Saturday with a home match against Vitesse. Rotterdam is third in the Eredivisie, six points ahead of fourth-placed Arnhem. The previous meeting between the two clubs in De Cui, on April 25, ended in a goalless draw. It was a special and significant match, in which Stephen Burgess claimed a leading role. documentary That one word – Feyenoord by Disney + It takes us back to that meeting in the 2020/21 season.

On his way to the stadium, Bryan Linssen was photographed behind the wheel. He talks about a special ritual: Linssen takes a can of Red Bull with him at every match, especially for Jens Toornstra. He uses the dose to rinse his mouth. Then he spits it out again. Then I say, boy, you really are a horrible guy too. You pay for it too. Then spit out the water. He always forgets to fetch it himself, and so am I. It’s also kind of superstitious. I pay what he spits every time “. Shortly thereafter, Linsen’s phone accidentally rang: Tornstra asks if he’ll take Red Bull with him again as usual. “That’s how it goes,” Linsen said to the camera. “Not a word lie. That’s yours.”

Interests were great before Feyenoord Wittesze. At match time, in the final weeks of the Eredivisie, Vitesse were fourth, two points behind Feyenoord. To be held in fourth place, leading directly to participation in European football, Feyenoord must win. Another reason to give everything: a pilot who is on hold with Corona tickets, which means there is a public presence at De Kuip again for the first time in seven months. “These are the matches you live in as an athlete,” said an angry Linsen after the match against his old club. “We have to win this match,” adds Leroy Fair. Dick Advocaat explains the Feyenoord 4-3-3 method in a team meeting. He tells a tactical story about the “counter side” of Feyenoord, who must come “inside”. Lawyer directs Berghuis and Luis Sinisterra to monitor Vitesse’s appearance.

Burgess stares straight ahead, seemingly overwhelmed with thought. His attention appears to be elsewhere. When the attorney asks if the letter made it to Berges, the ward looks on for a moment. not say anything. Then comes the match. Bergwijs missed a great opportunity in the second half and got a red card after a strong tackle and poor timing on Maximilian Wittek. Supporters in the stands can be heard expressing their frustration with Burgess. After the 0-0 draw, he was in the dressing room next to goalkeeper Nick Marsman. Together they discuss treatment. “I hit him on the heel. If he had given a yellow card, the VAR would have reversed it.” “I understand you want to get it back. But he seems frustrated,” Marsman replies. “No, it wasn’t,” Burgess said.

The red card of Stephen Pergos against Vitesse can be seen from the 10:15 minute.

After that, the lawyer says, Pyrgos should learn to control himself better. Assistant coach Core Bot is less careful in his choice of words. “I’m so upset about that kid. I really mean it,” he says of Burgess. “He has no respect at all. I also think he does not act like a worthy captain. He takes care of everything. I don’t have many good words for that. Of course he is the best player. He must also act like a captain. Then you have the responsibility too. And he doesn’t have that responsibility on launch”.

The relationship between Bout and Burgess was discussed last month. The striker, who now works for Ajax, expressed his frustration with the former assistant coach of Feyenoord, who worked with him last season, after the classic in De Koip (0-2). Burgess expressed his dismay at “a number of people who have stirred up the media in recent weeks.” “And I actually mean Core Bot,” he added. Earlier that week, Bot spoke to de Volkskrant About Bergwijs, whom he described as “remotely” the best player in Feyenoord and “essentially a kind, intelligent boy”. But the grief took hold at a certain point, it was sometimes really unbearable, he got into a fight with everyone else, said Pott. Burgess may have been referring to those statements, but the words from the documentary were louder.

In the eighth episode of the documentary, shortly after the match against Vitesse, Burgess also speaks. “This is just prime time. You are 29 years old and you want to compete for titles. You know how beautiful it is. If you are in fifth place now… that is disappointing and frustrating as a sportsman. Of course you are trying to adapt to the situation, but the competition for trophies is what It pushes you. You want to compete for the title, in the Europa League… We failed this year. It’s sometimes very frustrating.” Feyenoord eventually finished fifth, two points behind Vitesse, and qualified for the second preliminary round of the Conference League via play-offs. It became a convincing group winner.

That one word – Feyenoord can be seen via the Disney+ streaming service.

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