Prince Andrew: “Brutal” – Queen Elizabeth distances herself from her son

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“Brutal” – The Queen distances herself from Prince Andrew

Prince Andrew will face abuse allegations

In fact, Prince Andrew’s lawyers wanted to avoid a last-second abuse process, but judges denied the claims. The Queen’s son will face charges. It is unlikely that there will be an amicable settlement.

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Britain’s Prince Andrew is facing trial in the United States. The Royal Family wants to keep scandal at bay – preferably as much as possible. This has dramatic consequences for the queen’s son. The 61-year-old retains only his place in the line of succession.

AGiven an increasingly likely process of abuse in the United States, the British Royal Family are distancing themselves from the Queen’s son, Prince Andrew. The 61-year-old will defend himself as a private citizen in the impending trial, Buckingham Palace in London announced on Thursday evening.

Andrew had to surrender his military ranks and royal patronage, and he will continue to have no public appearances.

More than 150 British military veterans previously called on Queen Elizabeth II in an open letter to relieve Prince Andrew of his role in the military because he had failed to meet the high expectations of honorable behavior that came with it.

More His Royal Highness

The 61-year-old should no longer be allowed to use the usual royal greeting “His Royal Highness”, as reported by British media, citing inside sources. Only his place in the line of succession will keep Andrew – in ninth place, however, with few realistic opportunities.

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Maxwell, confidant of Epstein

A court ruling in New York this week has made a lawsuit against the royal much more likely. The judge overruled the objections of Andrew’s lawyers, clearing the way.

Legal expert and former US federal prosecutor Neama Rahmani told the German Press Agency that he considered a civil lawsuit “highly likely, almost certain”. In the meantime, it cannot be ruled out that there are criminal charges against Andrew.

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Andrew denies all allegations

Top lawyer Sarah Krissoff sees civil litigation as much more skeptical. She noted that Prince Andrew should have a keen interest in an out-of-court settlement and that Giuffre could come up with a good deal.

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Woman says she was 'lent' to Prince Andrew for sex by 17-year-old multi-millionaire Epstein

Prince Andrew trial

Plaintiff Virginia Giuffre accuses the British prince of sexually assaulting her on several occasions when she was underage some 20 years ago. She claims to have already been the victim of a network of abuse set up by former friend of Andrew Jeffrey Epstein and his ex-partner Ghislaine Maxwell.

Andrew categorically denies all the allegations. If an out-of-court settlement is not reached, the royal in the United States faces the process – likely later this year.

Not a penny of fortune

Moreover, fearing that misery could overshadow the Queen’s 95-year-old birthday year, the palace has now distanced itself as much as conceivable. Andrew shouldn’t get a dime for the costly legal dispute over palace assets.

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Court deals with abuse allegations against Prince Andrew

“Brutal,” commented former BBC royal correspondent Peter Hunt on Twitter. “The Windsors have shown that the protection of the dynasty is more important than flesh and blood when the institution is in danger.” According to the royal family, 2022 should in fact be dedicated to the anniversary of the accession to the throne of Queen Elizabeth, whose reign in February has already lasted 70 years.

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