Professional football threatens to open stadiums in a new statement

Friday January 14, 2022 at 6:00 PM• Dominique Mostert • Last Update: 18:09

Professional football clubs want to allow fans again to play matches on January 28th. Eredivisie, Kitchen Champion Division and the club will publish a joint statement Friday, writing that “the sprawl is over.” The stadiums have now been empty of professional football for two months, while it has been “repeatedly” proven that matches with the public can be organized in a responsible manner. With this knowledge, “little or nothing is being done” in The Hague, according to the statement’s authors. That is why there is now a threat to open the stadiums ostensibly.

The statement will be released shortly before the government’s new press conference. “We can no longer play without an audience. This last season resulted in a loss of more than 100 million euros to the sector. And the long-term damage is serious. Very serious! This affects the quality of our football”, the voices. “The competition with foreign countries is already very strong. In the rest of Europe, the stadiums are open or partially open. While we are dealing with the same Omicron formula. This makes the competitive situation almost impossible.”

The statement describes football as “the nation’s largest entertainment industry and number one sport” and wants to keep his own pants. “We entertain eight million Dutch people every week. But that is almost impossible for us. At the moment, there is not even a hundred percent compensation for all the matches that we have been forced to play without an audience. Now and other general arrangements are not available. Sufficient. The pace of political decision-making in The Hague is very slow.”

“We can’t wait for that. The demolition of the stadiums is the inevitable next step. We also owe it to our loyal fans. Every club discusses this with the mayor. Professional football wants to be heard! Part of the solution remains.. until now.. also with The Hague and the Minister of Sports. New No relaxations are expected to be announced at Friday night’s press conference in terms of public acceptance.

Jan Willem van Dop, general manager of Go Ahead Eagles, sees the situation as “inexplicable”. “In England, stadiums are full. In Spain it will be seen as a flu. And we will simply remain completely closed,” he said in a conversation with general newspaper. So he plans to follow in the footsteps of retail, which will largely be allowed to open from Saturday after a threat of civil disobedience. “It seems that this is the way.” But that won’t happen this weekend. “No, not after this weekend, we’re targeting early February. If the pressure increases, you’ll obviously be heard.” The 34 Dutch professional clubs will speak with their country’s mayor next week.

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