PSV Eindhoven’s Bakayoko impresses with a four-stroke. Bannis experiences bad debut

Friday, January 14, 2022 at 9:55 pm• Jeroen van Poppel • Last update: 22:14

Yohan Bakayoko confirmed himself again at Young PS on Friday. The winger, who is already having a great season in the Kitchen Champion Division, made a huge impression against VVV-Venlo by scoring no fewer than four times: 1-4. FC leader Volendam did not overtake NAC Breda, who could have won, if Feyenoord Mercenary Nouvelle Banes had a clearer view: 0-0. Excelsior and de Graafschap also failed to score a goal: 0-0.

VVV-Venlo – Young PSV 1-4
Brian Koglin played a leading role in the first half for VVV. The defender blocked a shot from Simon Cullen in the last minute and scored himself after the first quarter of the game: he steamed up from midfield and fired successfully from about 25 yards. His low bet was too strong for goalkeeper Maxime Delanghe. But on behalf of PSV, Bakayoko also had a good shot in the legs and thus secured the equalizer. In the second half, the eighteen-year-old Belgian completely controlled the match. Bakayoko converted a penalty after an alleged foul by Stan van Dijk on Ismael Saibari, after which he scored 1-3 in a one-on-one situation. In the final stage, Bakayoko crowned his near-perfect match by determining the final result.

NAC Breda – FC Volendam 0-0
At NAC, Novel Banes, of Feyenoord, was immediately named to the starting line-up. The striker finished off the ball on the spot calmly after half an hour, but had no luck as he was called up for offside. The first danger of the match had already come from teammate Thom Haye, who saw his skewed shot barely hit Filip Stankovic. At the end of the first half, Volendam showed himself for the first time, when NAC goalkeeper Nick Oleg prevented Francesco Antonucci from scoring with a superb save. After the break, Banes again went to Stankovic, but this time the Volendam goalkeeper was to blame. The guests should have scored through Samir Benslam who hit a weak shot after a good shot. Then Banes fired again and again shot Stankovic.

Excelsior – De Graafschap 0-0
The biggest chance in the first half was for de Graafschap defender Ted van de Pavert, who hit the post from very close after a corner kick. Excelsior tried it himself with a mix between Thijs Dallinga and Reuven Niemeijer, but the ball went too far. After the break, Danzell Gravenbrich hit the post on behalf of the visitors with a low shot from the turn. De Graafschap midfielder Jonathan Opoko kicked a free kick into the fist of Bo Jens, after which the match ended without goals: 0-0.

Almere City – Roda Kerkrade 0-4
The dramatic season for Mer City continued on Friday. Two minutes later, Dylan Fenty scored on behalf of Roda JC, through a cross pass from Patrick Pflocke: 0-1. There were back-and-forth chances after that, but it was Limburgers who netted again half an hour later. Brian Limbombe surprised goalkeeper Agil Etmadi with a shot from the short corner: 0-2. In the first half, Limbombe pressed again, this time by taking advantage of an easy transition from Xian Emmers: 0-3. In the final stage of the match, Fenty kicked a corner kick into the first post: 0-4.

Telstar – MVV Maastricht 2-1
On social media, clubs have been enjoying a ‘bingo’ by Telstar of potential tweets from social media editor MVV. The mood at the expense of MVV gradually eased during the first half, as the visitors faced a 2-0 deficit in the first half. After Ozan Kokjo pulled inside and sent a through pass, Glenor Plat opened the scoring. Then Ozgur Aktas scored the second goal with his head from a corner kick. Soon after the break, Telstar had some chances, after which the MVV often sought to attack. The visitors’ attack led to injury time in the 2-1 win over Clint Esser, but that’s it.

FC Eindhoven – Young FC Utrecht 4-0
FC PSV Eindhoven managed to finish the first half without conceding a sheet, thanks to Nigel Bertrams, who saved well for a powerful shot from Derincelli Sanchez Fernandez. Immediately after the break, the host team scored by Yurt van der Sande, who hit a cross from Valentino Vermeulen: 1-0. In the 67th minute, Charles Andreas Brim cleverly made it 2-0. The right wing technically controlled the ball in the penalty area and scored in turn. Fifteen minutes before the end, Bryn decided the match from very close on the rebound, after a shot from teammate Joey Sleegers was half cracked: 3-0. The latter still scored the coveted goal in the final stage, by keeping calm one-on-one with Kevin Gadilla: 4-0.

number. a team M W J Fifth +/- Pnt
1 FC Volendam 22 14 7 1 24 49
2 Carpentry 21 13 4 4 22 43
3 FC Emin 21 13 3 5 17 42
4 Young Ajax 21 12 4 5 15 40
5 Ado den Haag 20 14 2 4 24 38
6 Roda GC Kerkrade 22 10 7 5 15 37
7 interrupt 22 11 4 7 9 37
8 FC Eindhoven 22 10 5 7 10 35
9 nak brida 22 7 8 7 5 29
10 Young PSV 22 8 5 9 4 29
11 FC Den Bosch 21 8 2 11 -14 26
12 VVV Venlo 22 8 2 12 -7 26
13 Telstar 22 5 8 9 -17 23
14 MVV Maastricht 22 7 2 13 -20 23
15 Mahjong from A to Z 20 6 4 10 -6 22
16 Young FC Utrecht 22 6 4 12 -15 22
17 Helmond Sports 21 5 5 11 -13 20
18 top operating system 20 4 6 10 -10 18
19 Almere City 22 4 5 13 -18 17
20 FC Dordrecht 21 3 5 13 -25 14

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