Qmusic new radio partner NOC*NSF at Olympic Games | Olympics

Qmusic and NOC*NSF are entering into a multi-year intensive collaboration. The radio station thus takes over the role of Radio538 and becomes the official radio partner of the sports organization, including during the Olympic Games.

Qmusic is part of DPG Media, which has been a partner of NOC*NSF with this newspaper since 2018. With the addition of Qmusic as exclusive radio partner, DPG is intensifying this collaboration. Video series, campaigns, interviews and podcasts appear with the various titles.

Marc van den Tweel, general director NOC*NSF: ,,Qmusic is a wonderful, innovative radio station that has been able to attract a large permanent, but still growing group of listeners for some time now. An important platform for us to bring TeamNL to the attention of the fans. Especially now that no Dutch fans are allowed to be present at the Winter Games in Beijing. The fact that the Qmusic DJs pay attention to the sports performance of our TeamNL athletes during the various shows is an enormous added value.”

Robert Bernink, general director of Qmusic & director of entertainment DPG Media: ,,We are looking forward to taking over the Olympic torch as NOC*NSF’s radio partner. The DNA of Qmusic and NOC*NSF fits seamlessly together. Our common starting point is to connect and inspire people and we will do that in the coming years, both at the Olympic Games and with sport in general.”

In a few weeks, Qmusic – as exclusive media partner – will report extensively on the Olympic Games in Beijing in various shows. In addition, the radio station will make content with the athletes of TeamNL throughout the year. Exact plans will be announced at a later stage.

Robert Bernink.
Robert Bernink. © Qmusic

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