Ronaldo is Chief Skinner as Arteta scores a massive derby title in North London

Mikel Arteta says the north London derby (and every other game) could be stopped. Harry Maguire and Cristiano Ronaldo have also appeared in the news.

insult to injury
The next exclusive sits on top The Sun websiteFootball home page:

‘Cristiano Ronaldo doubts Manchester United’s match against Aston Villa, as he is forced to leave training early due to a thigh injury’

But Mediawatch fears they may have missed out on something. Doesn’t that mean that Ronaldo will fall? Isn’t that how he – and only him – Absences with injury described?

called audible
The Sun website Save their Caps Lock for some somewhat soothing Mikel Arteta quotes because of course they do.

The headline reads ‘Tottenham vs Arsenal at risk of call-up as Arteta admits Arsenal could struggle to put together an eleven-team squad now’.

Then you see the quotes from the Arsenal coach himself, who said: “It’s a possibility in every game. From our side, from the opponent’s side, because of the amount of problems everyone has and because it happens every week. We try to prepare for matches thinking we’ll play. If something happens along way, it is what it is.”

So yes, the game can be paused. Each game can be shut down for the time being if conditions change and certain criteria are met. This has been the case for a while now. Arteta was speaking generally rather than specifically. He literally said “It’s a possibility in every game”, will every game for the rest of the season be characterized by the big capitals causing panic about the possibility of being stopped?

The same goes for MailOnline (Mikel Arteta admits Arsenal’s north London derby against Tottenham on Sunday is in danger of being shut down…). He does not “confess” to anything. It indicates that things are going on now Little volatile

bad captain
It was no surprise to see Manchester United reach the ‘Can you imagine Bryan Robson’ stage Their current crisis and one defeat in 10 matches last week. Ken Lawrence the sun He picks up that baton on Friday and sprints like hell into the distance.

“Harry Maguire needs to be promoted as captain at Old Trafford.”

good start. It seems fair.

“And if he can’t unite the Manchester United dressing room, he has to bring back the famous captain’s armband.”

Gorgeous as the picture of Maguire walking through the messy locker room to the principal’s office, putting his armband on a desk and stepping back without saying a word, seems unlikely.

The following is several daunting paragraphs about the captain’s role: It’s ‘much more than just shaking hands with a coin lottery’ as it involves ‘hitting heads together or putting an arm around teammates’ – but likely not both – with ‘leading by example’ Demonstrate power and understanding. It’s about taking the initiative both on and off the field. It’s clear Maguire needs to tell us all of that That man.

It wasn’t long before Robson was glorified for “often playing through the pain and perhaps a fuzzy head the next day”. Roy Keane is next. He definitely “stood like a lion”. Then there was Gary Neville, who “wasn’t afraid to face opponents.” Finally, Nemanja Vidic was proof that “When you’re the captain, you’re the manager on the pitch”.

It’s just in: Harry Maguire is not as good as three Premier League legends and one top-flight legend, all of whom have won many trophies and played in teams much better than this version of Manchester United.

“No one says he needs to snatch his shirt from one of his unmotivated, unmotivated, and quiet fellows.”

It’s like you’re saying that.

‘But it may help.’ If not on the field, then in the dressing room.

Uh. So you say that. And you literally have no idea what Maguire is doing in the locker room. He may have made Bruno Fernandez hanging by his collar for all you know.

Herein lies the key. Lawrence reiterates that the captain’s role is about “leading off the field as well as on it”, but the only specific example he gives to Kane, Neville and Vidic is that Kane tells Patrick Vieira “I’ll see you there” in the tunnel about five minutes before the game. Robson’s precedent was “to tell senior colleagues like Viv Anderson to organize a session in the pub”. I’m not sure Maguire’s best advice is to go this route.

Nobody knows what else they did as captains in the dressing room and off the field. Plus it’s fine to say that ‘who a boss is doesn’t matter much for 90 minutes’ when you’re a leader – it’s fitting that these four leaders have all thrived under Sir Alex Ferguson and Maguire instead. He had two different coaches in the space of two and a half years, both of whom were temporary appointments initially. Maybe it matters a little.

What a four month difference
“Cristiano Ronaldo has asked his teammates to show their love for Manchester United by ‘sacrificing everything’ to bring back the good times.”

A source told SunSport: “Ronaldo’s speech was very strong and calm. The whole group of players and coaching staff listened in silence.

He told the team that he believed in them and that they had enough talent to get their winning ways back.

“You are all great players and I believe in you, otherwise I wouldn’t be back,” he added.

“After the emotional speech, the players applauded for Ronaldo” – Neil Costis, the sun Exclusively, September 14th.

Man United flops in fear of Cristiano Ronaldo as workaholic star tries to reform culture after ‘nightmare’ season.

“Ronaldo was shocked by the prevailing culture in the club and the attitude of some of his teammates, warning of a ‘nightmare’ season unless it changed” – Neil Costis, the sun Exclusively, January 14th.

Manager Ronaldo
This second exclusive continues…

“Now on his return he’s trying to take on the number one role but finds he’s not being listened to.

In fact, many players feel afraid of it – especially on the field.

“SunSport understands that some players are even concerned about making a foul or not passing to them because of the backlash they might get.”

Am I, the 36-year-old, throwing punches when someone misses a pass, that my teammates are now afraid to foul because of my reaction, so out of touch?

No, the kids are wrong.

on Wayne
‘Manchester United should be one of the best teams, not one of the top three’: Wayne Rooney responds to Cristiano Ronaldo’s assessment of the Red Devils and insists they should win the Premier League title every season – MailOnline.

It’s up there with the worst “hit” uses ever.


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