Russian activities in the Baltic Sea: Sweden strengthens its military preparation

Status: 15.01.2022 00:21

Russian troop movements on the border with Ukraine have alarmed NATO. Sweden also reacted to Russian ships in the Baltic Sea and patrolled soldiers on the island of Gotland.

In view of the increase in “Russian activities” in the Baltic Sea, Sweden sent several armored vehicles to the streets of the island of Gotland and patrolled soldiers there. A dozen armored fighting vehicles and dozens of soldiers were in the small port town of Visby on Friday, the army said. A few days earlier, three Russian Navy ships entered the Baltic Sea through the Great Belt strait in Denmark.

“The armed forces are taking the necessary measures to protect Sweden’s integrity and demonstrate our ability to protect Sweden and Swedish interests,” Defense Minister Peter Hultqvist told AFP. The increase in patrols on Gotland is a sign that Sweden is taking the situation seriously and “will not be taken by surprise”, Hultqvist told the TT news agency. The island of Gotland is strategically located in the Baltic Sea – a good 300 kilometers from the Russian Baltic Sea enclave of Kaliningrad.

No Swedish “show of power”

The Swedish military said Thursday evening that the units would be used “to reinforce operations in several locations” as “Russian activities in the Baltic Sea increase”. Swedish armed forces chief of operations Michael Claesson, however, denied that it was a targeted Swedish “show of power”.

He told AFP the units were part of the force already stationed on the island. It is a “natural way to adjust the military presence”. Some of the actions taken by the military would be visible and some not, Claesson said. “We will operate in different ways in different places in Sweden.”

Major General Lena Hallin, head of Sweden’s military intelligence service ST, had previously said the country was far from a normal security situation. “The trend has been towards a serious security crisis in Europe for some time, and it has accelerated in recent months.” It is an illusion that tensions in Europe are only temporary.

Sweden works closely with NATO

Although Sweden is not a member of NATO, it works closely with the alliance. Russia recently warned the country of “serious consequences” if it joined the alliance. Since Russia’s annexation of Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula in 2014, Stockholm has again strengthened its defenses. In 2017, he reintroduced conscription.

In view of a massive deployment of Russian troops on the border with Ukraine, the West is concerned that Russia is currently preparing to invade the neighboring country. The Kremlin vehemently denies this.

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