Sampdoria chairman lashes out at Ihattaren: ‘Lies, everything is made up’

Thursday, January 13, 2022 at 5:18 PM• Jordi Tomasowa • Last update: 17:35

Sampdoria has vehemently denied the words of Mohamed Ihattaren. President Marco Lanna even calls the midfielder a liar. On Thursday morning, Ihattaren revealed for the first time since his departure from Italy through an extensive interview The Telegraph heard from him and indicated in this that he no longer received a salary.

“This is all nonsense, they are big lies”, Lanna bites off. “The whole interview was a lie. Everyone here at Sampdoria says it’s not right.” Lanna, on the other hand, does not deny that Ihattaren does not receive any money from Sampdoria. “He just left and that’s why we were able to fine him. We’ve decided not to, but that means we won’t have to pay him a salary until the end of January. That’s the deal, agreed with his lawyers.”

Ihattaren revealed in the interview with The Telegraph to this day have not received a single euro from Sampdoria. “What if I broke my leg there?” he said. “Then you see that everything is perfectly organized in the Netherlands. We ate at the club after training and there were only three boxes of pizzas and sweet sandwiches. I also did not receive a salary, so I called the team manager. “We pay here every two months. “I heard. Only that didn’t happen. That’s not my point, but everything together it started to irritate. I didn’t play for a minute, there turned out to be zero perspective and everything needed to feel at home there, that was missing I called Mino (Raiola, ed.) to ask if we were going to arrange anything given the situation. He told me to keep calm.”

Since Ihattaren did not receive a salary, he decided to choose for himself. He suddenly returned to the Netherlands and disappeared from the radar for a while. He did occasionally post a photo on Instagram with a personal trainer. “Nothing was arranged, no bank account or insurance. Then I chose for myself, protected myself and left. The confidence was gone. But missing, as they said at Sampdoria… Ask any random boy in Utrecht where Afellay, Labyad or Ihattaren’s mother lives and they take you to the front door, they would have seen me sitting there.”


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